Mobility: An enterprise mobile app by any other name...

Boundaries are being drawn in the app dev world. Champions of consumer apps, advocates of enterprise apps — they’re forming distinct camps, and the implication is that each requires different developmental approaches, but for us, mobility is mobility is mobility.

We’d like to step in and say that it’s time to abandon that bifurcated thinking. At the end of the day, whether enterprise or consumer, they are all mobile apps. They are all, in fact, just apps, period. Nothing more than software that needs to be managed in an organized, systematic way.

Now it’s time to share a company secret: we have clients in both camps, B2C and B2E, and we deliver the same solution offerings to each.

Count,, and USA TODAY among our current crop of consumer focused clients. They each approached App47 with essentially the same questions:

  • How do I best manage my mobile apps?
  • How do I scale performance, get fine-grain visibility of metrics and user engagement?
  • How can I ensure security without compromising user experience?

Our answer for B2C is comparable to where we’d start with B2E, a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution. Earlier this week, in fact, we read a smart piece in Wipro by Anand Kale that summed it up nicely:

I believe that MAM, or specifically, Mobile Application Portfolio Management (MAPM) is going to be as big and as important in 2013 as MDM was in 2012. The mantra “manage the application, not the device” will be chanted across IT departments.

Why? Because organizations are discovering that MDM is only a part of the solution to enterprise mobility. MAM helps ensure that enterprise applications are delivered in a secure fashion with adequate compliance controls to meet the mobile lifestyles of end users.

Well said, Anand. We’d offer that there’s really no need for a new acronym. MAM works just fine.

And if you’re looking for an overview of MAM advantages for consumer-facing mobile apps, start with our App47 for Consumer App Developers datasheet. Click here. It’s a quick read!

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