How addicted are you to mobile apps? [infographic]

How long could you go without mobile apps? Minutes, hours, days?

According to Andrea Smith, of Mashable, you most likely couldn’t go very long. Infact, Smith says most people say they’d rather give up water than their mobile apps:

“In a survey on mobile app behaviour, 82% of those who responded said there are critical apps they can’t go without — not even for one day. Those include email (57%), Facebook (41%) and alarm clock apps (31%).

Apigee, the API company, released the results of its 2013 Mobile App Behaviour survey of smartphone owners. They asked 762 smartphone owners across the U.S., UK, Germany, France and Spain about their app usage and dependence. Turns out we’re an addicted bunch. The majority (85%) said they would rather go without water than their mobile apps.

Here’s a look at Apigee’s infographic of smartphone owners’ mobile app behaviour:

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