Enterprise app deployment a struggle, says new research

One in three mobile development teams is either ‘middling’, ‘sluggish’ or ‘outpaced’, according to a survey from Micro Focus, undertaken by independent survey specialists Vanson Bourne.

The research results, taken from almost 600 CIOs, question the speed of enterprise app development and deployment, and whether mobile teams can keep up the pace.

In terms of speed, the survey respondents predict a 50% increase in enterprise mobile apps, with on average approximately a third (31%) of business apps being available on mobile devices right now.

By 2016, one in three businesses expect 60% or more apps to be available on mobile.

The report also examined mobility drivers, with the primary driver being an unsurprising result – improving operational efficiency, cited by 78% of respondents.

Improving operational cost-effectiveness (66%), capturing new customers (66%), retaining customers (58%) and keeping up with mobile app offers (48%) comprised the top five.

Another facet of the research focused on the OS race, with interesting conclusions. In terms of overall operating system figures, Android seemingly has a clear lead, although a recent research report from Yankee Group threw a spanner in the works by claiming that iPhone loyalty will lead to an overhaul and Apple regaining market share in the US by 2015.

Yet according to Micro Focus, Android has a big enterprise lead, although the report suggests that the Google OS has hit saturation point. With 78% adoption currently, it may surprise some to see that, by 2015, the figures will drop to 77%. iOS will rise from 65% currently to 71%, with Windows Phone gaining that crucial third place, with 62% future adoption ahead of BlackBerry (37%).

It’s evident that enterprises, by their very nature, are somewhat sluggish in forward movement, but it’s also not a surprise that enterprise apps are growing at such a rate that companies can’t keep up.

So what’s the solution? Increasing numbers of mobile app dev teams would help, but of course alter the margins, although bearing in mind that doesn’t account for the dreaded ‘skills gap’ in this area of IT with more jobs than skilled developers available to fill them.

Yet overall, this evidently shows the keen growth potential of business apps. With plenty of venture capital funds being thrown in for enterprise app growth through companies such as FeedHenry, Tomfoolery and Meteor, as well as the likes of Salesforce.com putting up €5m for an enterprise app innovation challenge, the stakes are high.

So how can enterprise app deployment and mobility be sped up?


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