Mobility top priority for seven in 10 organisations, says survey

A new survey from Citrix has revealed that, for seven in 10 (71%) of large enterprises, they see incorporating mobility as a “top priority” for their business, with 63% adding it was the most important factor in keeping their organisation competitive.

The survey of 1700 senior IT decision makers, conducted by Vanson Bourne, comprises an overall report entitled ‘Citrix Mobility in Business’ which examines global mobility trends in a snapshot:

  • 71% of companies surveyed “allow, accommodate and encourage” BYOD
  • Android is “by far” the most popular OS, with 72% of respondents on board; this compares favourably with iOS (54%)
  • BlackBerry still garners a fair market share, being supported by 35% of companies – although the report understandably notes caution as to whether that figure will rise again
  • The most popular apps used in the enterprise were sales, CRM or database-related (48%). Social media platforms were surprisingly popular, garnering 43% of the vote

One of the more interesting titbits to emerge from the report related to the adoption of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM) technologies, with MDM at 48% take-up and MAM at 47%. As MAM solutions become more pervasive, any gap that was there has now all but disappeared.

Elsewhere, the percentage of companies adopting virtualisation technologies is also at a healthy number. 41% of organisations are either supporting mobility through app virtualisation or are planning to, whilst 40% utilise desktop virtualisation.

In both virtualisation and MDM/MAM, it’s fair to say that companies are predominantly choosing both or not at all. This certainly makes sense, although with many vendors offering device management and app management solutions separately, it could be argued that organisations have to take a bigger leap now.

For benefits to the organisation, increased development of mobile apps and increasing adoption of collaboration tools were the biggest draws. More than half of organisations (51%) polled say they are examining solutions to achieve greater productivity for employees on any device, anywhere.

Enterprise social media is certainly gaining ground, with business leaders and IT lifting the traditional bans on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Research published by Easynet earlier this month showed that in a year, the number of CIOs and IT directors blocking Facebook on behalf of their companies dropped by 15%.

The survey gives an interesting overall look at the current state of enterprise mobility, and according to Chandra Sekar, director of product marketing, the results were roughly what Citrix was expecting.

“We noticed that mobility is an ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’-type situation with a lot of organisations. They are doing mobile in somewhat of an ad-hoc way,” he said.

“What we were surprised by is a lot of times organisations talk about mobile strategies and the importance of mobile, but we found that a lot of companies were hampered by legacy systems, in terms of thinking about mobile,” he added.

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31 Oct 2013, 1:45 p.m.

Surprising just how much momentum BYOD has. You know it is coming fast but when you see the numbers...bam. With the mobile juggernaut and the SaaS revolution hitting at the same time, IT needs some new tools to solve the broader challenge of safely externalizing data. How about a modern middleware at the boundary of the firewall?