Is Splunk a company in transition with Hunk release?

Big data cruncher Splunk has today announced the general availability of its Hunk analytics product, which is a full-featured integrated analytics platform for Hadoop.

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Splunk Enterprise 6, the availability of Hunk gives the company’s ecosystem a more rounded offering, with the platform built on patent pending virtual index technology.

Like Splunk 6, Hunk allows all departments of the company to dive in and grab data analytics – but this time manufactured for Hadoop.

The company previously had Hadoop Connect as an add-on, which allowed certain data to be moved between Splunk Enterprise and Hadoop. But Hunk focuses on data which is too big to transfer.

“The challenges that the customers put in front of us was it’s hard to do analytics with Hadoop right now, the skills are difficult,” Matt Davies, Splunk EMEA product marketing director told Enterprise AppsTech in a call.

“The people who know how to set up and manage those big Hadoop infrastructures, they’re sometimes hard to find. The business analysts and the data scientists who need to get the value from Hadoop, that’s often a bit tricky, and having those really good developer skills too to code against Hadoop, it just seems that there’s a better way.

“That’s where Hunk came from,” he added.

What’s most interesting about Hunk, however, is that it’s not just tied into Hadoop, which launched its 2.0 iteration earlier this month. It’s platform-independent, on account of the virtual index technology which adopts a rules-based mechanism for parsing data.

To that end, expect to see more databases partnering with Splunk in the coming year or so, in the NoSQL space; Davies admitted that strategy “wouldn’t be far wrong”.

Splunk originally started out as a company with a purer developer focus, and while that hasn’t dimmed with a variety of SDKs being available in different languages, the focus, with a recently updated enterprise platform and integration into wider databases, may be on larger companies.

Is Splunk therefore a company in transition? According to Davies, it’s just a natural growth progression.

“All of these things are additive,” he explained. “We’re never going to forget where we came from. Hunk is as much for the IT architects as it is for the data scientists, the CMOs.

“I think Splunk is in transition in terms of where it’s going,” he added. “I think it’s just a natural part of us growing, the reach of Splunk to different people.”

Davies added that the company doesn’t “tend to jump on bandwagons early” – hence the smooth, natural progression.

“Our CEO is very keen on that,” he notes. “We don’t say we’re ‘cloud this’ or ‘big data that’. We wait until our customers say we are.”

Find out more about Hunk here, with the product currently downloadable for a 60 day free trial. Where do you see Splunk right now? in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their use-cases? Attend the co-located IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo World Series with upcoming events in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam and explore the future of enterprise technology.

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