Apperian’s MAM platform combines with Alpha Software to solve “mobile app gap” for enterprises

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It’s been a major problem enterprise firms have faced over the past couple of years: in a work environment where enterprise apps are the way forward, how can these behemoths push out the increasing number of apps needed, all at high quality, and manage them properly?

Alpha Software, alongside mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian, aims to solve that with the integration of their software to enable fast and secure deployment of enterprise business applications.

Using the combined solution, IT can now publish apps with a single click, or multiple apps to Apperian’s enterprise app store, as well as create security policies for each app, such as app wrapping, without time-consuming modifications to the SDK.

“The promise of mobile apps in the enterprise is great, with the ability to improve productivity and enable a truly mobile workforce,” said Alpha Software CEO Richard Rabins. “But many organisations struggle to make this a reality.

“By partnering with Apperian, we’re eliminating the app gap hurdle by allowing developers to push critical business apps created rapidly in Alpha Anywhere out to enterprise users more quickly and easily than ever before”, he added.

Research on the matter has shown a prevalence for companies struggling to keep up with their enterprise app demands. A study from IDC of US and UK organisations found 61% of respondents had deployed only three or fewer mobile applications, while half of companies polled in a study by Opinion Matters admitted they had a backlog of 10 to 20 enterprise apps in development, stunting revenue in the process.

Speaking at the Apps World Europe event last month Simon Pitt, mobile team lead at the BBC, argued five ways companies can trim the backlog of work. Keep your apps simple and small, he said, stick to the standards and a single source of truth, and reuse components whenever possible. “Nothing is faster than not writing code because you’ve already written it,” he explained.

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