New paper warns of “app delivery chasm” for enterprises

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A survey from Mendix has found nearly three quarters of IT departments are not equipped to handle the increasing demand for enterprise applications.

The report’s findings showed the primary fault is IT’s lack of capability for rapid app delivery. 69% of IT departments are consistently delivering projects too late, according to the survey of 470 global IT and business professionals, while 89% admit they’re unable to reduce their workload year on year.

The problem is this figure is rising. Overall, three quarters of respondents admitted they were failing to meet various criteria, including delivering projects on time, on budget, meeting business requirements and generating quantifiable business value. 82% of those polled said they had a backlog of some sort.

“The heightened sense of urgency reflects the growing market and competitive pressures many organisations face, which are driving the need to innovate at a much quicker pace,” said Derek Roos, CEO and co-founder of Mendix.

“This is putting added pressure on already strained IT teams to deliver more – and more quickly – without additional resources. Those without the right tools find themselves further and further behind.”

So what is the solution? Mendix proposes three plans: implementing an application strategy, easy to say but not as easy to do; involve the business, letting go of the reins, enabling citizen developers to build apps and encourage IT and business to work side by side; and modernise the development environment, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and integrated deployment environments.

“The app delivery chasm is a very real challenge facing CIOs and their teams,” said Charles Schiappa, CIO of MassHousing. “With more and more demand from our business, the only way out of this hole is to change the paradigm and deliver applications in a drastically faster, more collaborative way.”

Despite Mendix’s claims, this isn’t the first study to examine the app backlog businesses currently face. A report from Opinion Matters last month found 60% of companies with between 500 and 1000 employees have a backlog of at least 10 project.

With some apps taking upwards of a year to complete, there are ways around it. Simon Pitt, mobile team lead at the BBC, explained five best practice tips from his experience, with a long tail of over 50 enterprise apps to care for. Apps should be simple, small, standardised, contain a single source of truth, and utilise reusable components. “Nothing is faster than not writing code because you’ve already written it,” he said.

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