Why there is still more work to do in enterprise video conferencing


Even though video conferencing is important to businesses in improving productivity, more than half of companies have outdated technology to take on the job.

That’s the finding from Blue Jeans Network, a cloud-based video collaboration services provider. This conclusion may not be the most surprising given what Blue Jeans does; however the research, of 116 IT and operations decision makers in the UK, uncovered some interesting statistics:

  • Three quarters (76%) of respondents say video conferencing has had a significant positive impact on their business and employees
  • Almost half (49%) say interoperability with their employer’s video conferencing tools is an issue. 53% say their current product is too difficult to use. A similar number (55%) admit they look to non-company approved solutions to get by
  • Only 8% plan to update their hardware in the next 12 months

The last stat is particularly eye-opening. Blue Jeans, not surprisingly, argues there is a clear need for further education around supplementing existing infrastructure with cloud based software.

“IT departments who have very little time and restricted budgets will understandably have to prioritise what areas of the business need technology investments,” James Campanini, Blue Jeans VP and GM EMEA told Enterprise AppsTech. “By simply upcycling old hardware, systems can be revived without this stretched time and money.”

With the continued prevalence of BYOD and remote working, video is seen as a viable mobile tool to help employees communicate. It’s not the only way forward; the mobile messaging and collaboration market is an extremely interesting space, with a recent TigerText survey claiming three quarters of employees use texting for work purposes showing necessity is the mother of invention.

It’s been a long standing problem. Back in September 2013 Easynet COO Adrian Thirkill wrote in this publication: “Video is no longer a nice-to-have but is a crucial part of employee, customer and stakeholder communication.” Blue Jeans asserts things have moved on since then, with more accessible Wi-Fi and 4G connections.

“Whilst video does require a certain level of available bandwidth, networks are now meeting these needs as the use of the Internet whilst in the office and on the go has significantly increased,” said Campanini. “We expect to be able to receive the same level of performance on a mobile device as we do via our PC within the office so network providers have had to step up.”

Despite these structural improvements, Campanini argues businesses still aren’t catching on. “The estimated increase in usage of video conferencing in the next two years is a standout finding for us,” he said. “This is particularly interesting given the clear gap in the technologies end users deem viable with those that are invested by businesses.

“It is clear that many businesses struggle with using video conferencing, whether that’s because their existing solutions aren’t interoperable with other solutions or they want it to be easier to use,” he added.

Do you agree with the research findings?


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22 Aug 2016, 8:01 a.m.

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