Red Hat argues enterprises are being “deliberate” in IoT implementations


Open source technology provider Red Hat argues enterprises are being “deliberate” when it comes to implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The view comes on the back of a recent survey, conducted by TechValidate, which showed only 12% of respondents are currently in the process of rolling out an IoT solution. Yet Red Hat argues this is the natural path for enterprises, generally watchful and glacial over new technology trends.

“Far from being a negative, this mirrors the typical enterprise adoption of new technologies, with project roll outs often taking far longer than they may in smaller organisations or in the consumer world,” the company writes. “This timeline can sometimes be sped up with the right technology, as IT decision makers and buyers will often hold on project implementations until they know for sure that a given product will meet their needs, both for the short term and the future,” the blog adds. “IoT is no different.”

In that regard, Red Hat is keen to point out there is certainly interest in IoT for the enterprise; 43% of respondents argue IoT is “immediately important” to their business, while 46% are working with it in some capacity, from simply exploring or evaluating the technologies to experimenting and prototyping. Almost two thirds (65%) say IoT will bring about operations improvements, while more than half (51%) see gains in process optimisation. 86% of respondents said open source would play a role in their IoT projects.

It’s not an uncommon view that the enterprise is struggling to adopt IoT. Ian van Reenen, general manager of remote monitoring and management (RMM) at Autotask, told sister publication DeveloperTech that, for the enterprise, “it’s [not] clear yet where exactly [it] is going.”

Previous Red Hat surveys have focused on mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) and DevOps strategies for mobility. The company issued a four-pronged mission plan for enterprise mobile back in March, enveloping platform architecture, developer experience, technology integration, and collaboration in two-track IT environments.

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