Kony updates ‘MBaaS meets MADP’ MobileFabric for developer openness, agility and control

Picture credit: Kony/YouTube

Enterprise mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) provider Kony has beefed up its Kony MobileFabric product – described as MBaaS meets MADP (mobile app development platform) – aiming to give developers openness, agility and control across mobile projects.

The release of the 6.5 update means developers can take advantage of new API management and mobile app management tools, as well as analytics and application performance management services. Developers can use their choice of open and web development standards, from iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 among others in the front end, to supporting all major server and OS platforms on the backend, as well as major public cloud platforms, including AWS and Microsoft.

New control features allow IT to implement standard governance and control across all mobile apps regardless of whether they were native, web or hybrid built, while the API management enables developers and IT to use visual design tools and build, test, deploy, reuse and secure APIs for mobile backends rapidly.

The latest iterations are based around the rapidly evolving enterprise application development ecosystem, with a multitude of players trying to tear down the walls of slow development times and walled gardens in mobile projects. Kony’s method is primarily through an MADP based on open, standards based development and agility to reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise mobility projects. Others, such as Kinvey, are a dedicated MBaaS platform untangling the web of enterprise app development.

In a report published by Ovum in March, the analysts argue the choice between HTML5, native or hybrid for mobile app development “refuses to be resolved.” Pure-play MADP vendors should theoretically be struggling against the larger IT vendors, but the report argues they are holding their market share well.

“IT and app developers alike are often trapped by technological limitations that prevent them from building innovative mobile apps,” said Burley Kawasaki, Kony SVP products and strategy.”Kony MobileFabric provides organisations with the best of both worlds – giving the organisation the opportunity to innovate at a faster pace with pre-built, enterprise grade backend services without conceding on control needed to keep the business from risk.”

You can find out more about Kony MobileFabric 6.5 here.


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