VMware unleashes identity manager tool, adds App Configuration for Enterprise partners

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VMware has made a plethora of announcements at its Business Mobility event, including the launch of an identity manager tool, and updates to the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) initiative.

The identity manager, VMware claims, is the EMM industry’s first identity as a service (IDaaS) solution, integrated with enterprise-class mobility management and security.

Noah Wasmer, end user computing CTO and VP product management at VMware, told Enterprise AppsTech: “Fundamentally at its root is this notion that as companies are really spanning out into mobile and into cloud, then you have to have a really strong authentication mechanism that gives the trust that you’re using the apps in a secure way, but secondly that you can access those apps only on devices that are either under management or that you have some level of trust with.”

He added: “That’s what Identity Manager does – it’s a phenomenal technology that we think is going to be game changing because it helps simplify for users, [and] gives IT governance across all apps the ability to do this federated sign-off.”

Picture credit: VMware

Identity has long been a sticking point for many organisations, exacerbated by cloud technologies and shadow IT fears. There are many solutions out there currently, from Salesforce Identity, to more sophisticated biometric authentication and FIDO (Fast Identity Online) a la Windows 10, to simply using social logins for authentication.

VMware’s identity manager is both cloud and on-premise, but how does it justify the tag of ‘game changing’? Wasmer explains: “I think a lot of the identity space has been very difficult. You have to understand this notion of identity providers, and secure token services...there’s just a lot to it, and I think a lot of times you don’t have necessarily the full complement of resources inside your business to really fully leverage it.”

Wasmer notes the two facets that are key to Identity Manager; its simplicity, and its alignment to open standards. “That’s going to be how we have to push forward for the next decade,” he adds. “And we’re now seeing this on some of the mobile apps themselves. I think we can get some momentum if we have both the simplicity to deploy, as well as the apps that are already configured.”

On the theme of non-proprietary standards, VMware has also announced a tune up of App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE), a solution which aims to simplify and scale the deployment of apps in the enterprise. A total of 15 tech providers have signed up for ACE, VMware announced, including bigtincan, DocuSign and Dropbox, joining the six founding members, AirWatch, Box, Cisco, Salesforce, Workday, and Xamarin.

In an ideal world, there won’t be five versions of Box’s app in the app stores. It’s a ‘net neutral’ way of going about it, in Wasmer’s words when Enterprise AppsTech reported the initiative at Mobile World Congress. He explained: “I think again, what I hope you’ll see us doing, is this idea that we need to put the ISVs first. They’re the loudest voice when an enterprise has selected them for their service, and [they say] they’re not going to do it any other way.”

VMware also announced a further commitment to iOS, pumping additional investments to the development of app configuration templates and vertical solutions in multiple industries.


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