Employees reaching breaking point: Our software is not good enough


A new report from enterprise mobility platform provider Sapho argues that employees will simply refuse to use an application that wastes too much of their time – and it’s getting to breaking point.

The study, which was conducted by Forrester and polled more than 100 line of business and IT leaders found that enterprise software was “overwhelmingly” coming up short due to its complexity and issues with mobile. The results showed a disparity between employee and employer; 69% of those polled said they seek an engaging mobile-first work experience, but 55% of organisations have rolled out a maximum of three apps – usually including calendar and email among them.

Almost two thirds (65%) of those polled said they ignore data when they have to pull it from multiple systems, while 62% admit to delaying tasks which need to be done through this method. Three quarters (74%) say they would prefer a subset of personalised data to help them complete their tasks rather than wading through a comprehensive data set.

One of the more interesting points of the research was that, in a sense, employees don’t especially care about mobile. This may seem like a peculiar statement, but the truth – as many readers will understand – is that the key has always been information delivery rather than the medium it is delivered on. Mobile is of course a leading vehicle for various reasons, but the survey showed that employees would be happy if relevant information was delivered swiftly and painlessly on every day tools and devices, from mobile, to web browsers, to email and messaging apps.

A blog post coinciding with the announcement from Natalie Lambert, Sapho VP marketing, summed up the situation. “This data shows issues for the industry at large – showcasing the angst among employees that are tired of grappling with bloated, complex enterprise systems and are looking for a paradigm shift in how they engage with them to access their information,” Lambert wrote.

“The silver lining of these challenges is that it’s a forcing function for us to finally rethink how we modernise enterprise systems, creating simple, single-purpose apps and personalised feeds for employees that don’t have the time – or patience – to submit to the work software status quo,” she added.

This is by no means the first time research reports have come to this conclusion. A study from Alfresco Software last year found that almost three quarters (71%) of millennial-generation employees were frustrated by company-issued collaboration tools.

You can read the full Sapho and Forrester report here.


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