Why the corporate network is sagging under employee device and working demands


To misquote a famous ABBA song – if I tell a story about millennial employees, you’ve probably heard it before. Yet this is a little different. A new piece of research conducted by InfoVista and BT has found that, while millennials continue to be unsatisfied with their employers struggling with mobility, the companies are recognising key trends and acting on them.

The study, titled ‘Meeting the Network Demands of Changing Generations’, argued companies are taking to the top three major ICT trends for the business agenda; cloud computing, information security, and multiple devices and mobility. So why are millennials unhappy?

More than two thirds (67%) of the almost 300 senior ICT managers and decision makers polled say that end users are demanding better application performance, while a similar number (63%) expect better app availability. Almost seven in 10 (69%) of firms polled said they have deployed a unified comms app in the past two years, while more than half have implemented collaboration tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint (53%) and cloudy office apps, such as Office 365 or Google for Work (51%).

“[Generation Y’s] expectations of end user applications are high and they require mobility and flexibility in working locations and methods of communication,” the report argues. “They view instant access to information and ease of collaboration as essential to the structure of their working day.”

Indeed, given the various stories that have appeared in this publication regarding video conferencing technology and how it is users rather than tech that is the problem, the InfoVista report cites Wainhouse Research who argued that 55% of conferencing managers are seeing an increased demand for video deployments from younger employees.

The issue, the report insists, is the state of the enterprise network. With bigger demands for apps performance, availability, and greater SLAs, it is almost inevitable. 94% of respondents say the corporate network has become more critical for organisations, while a third (33%) say their IT department ‘regularly’ gets complaints about the performance of applications.

“A number of difficulties were highlighted in assessing and predicting the impact of the rollout of new business applications, particularly cloud based, mobile and collaborative,” the report concludes. “Business critical applications need to be prioritised over social and personal use and tools are needed that provide accurate and reliable predictions of the impact of end-user applications on the network rather than driving while looking in the rear view mirror.”


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