Mirego looks to ‘notoriety’ of Apple mobility partnership for further success

Picture credit: Mirego

A press release recently landed in Enterprise AppsTech’s inbox. Not an uncommon occurrence, you would correctly note; but this one caught the eye, describing how a company had “accelerated its lead in the enterprise mobile market.”

The release came from, and naturally was referring to, Mirego, a Canada-based company founded in 2007 which also has an office in the US. The firm is currently focusing its efforts on North America but with one eye on Europe and Australia, and offers an extensive range of services designed around end user mobility. These services include research and analysis, to design and user experience, a go to market strategy, as well as development of mobile, web and desktop applications with a hint of IoT on the side. Current customers include Bombardier, Yellow Pages, La Capitale, and Agropur.

Hidden within the release, however, was that Mirego was to become an Apple mobility partner. Apple’s partnerships with like-minded companies to beef up its enterprise push has increased over the past year, and filters down a lot further than the headline IBM and Cisco deals suggest. According to Mirego, they will work closely with apple to ‘educate enterprises on how mobile can accelerate workplace transformation and empower their employees.’

“Mobile is reinventing how businesses operate just as it once reinvented how consumers browsed and purchased,” Florence Petit-Gagnon, Mirego director of culture and communications told Enterprise AppsTech in an email. “This partnership is accelerating our lead by providing us with faster market penetration and great notoriety – only a few service providers around the world have such a partnership with Apple for app consulting and development.”

Alongside their headline customers, Mirego also notes its work developing a management solution with UK-based Scientia, who provides resource scheduling for higher education, government, and the private sector. This plays into what the firm believes is key to developing apps. “It’s all about usefulness,” Petit-Gagnon explained. “If an app is truly useful and helping team members with their daily tasks, they will use it because it will make their life easier.

“Any process optimisation can be seen as a threat or an opportunity. If well executed and if employees are implicated in the development stages, they are usually very keen on improving their day to day life.”

This publication has prognosticated on various industry trends, as the move from organisations tentatively dipping their toes into BYOD grew into mobile device management, enterprise mobility management and more. Mirego lists process optimisations, employees engagement apps, sales tools and mobile reporting as their key areas, and adds: “Businesses were slow to adopt mobile but it’s starting to get more and more traction. We could almost compare it to the Internet; it first took time to be adopted but then it got faster and faster traction.”

You can find out more about Mirego here.


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