Mobile maturity grows in the enterprise – but user experience still needs to be improved

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Usage and maturity with enterprise mobility continues to grow, according to the latest research from analyst firm CCS Insight, yet many hurdles remain around security and user needs.

The survey, which polled 600 employees in the US and western Europe, found agreeable increases in both device and app usage. The average number of connected devices used by employees for business or personal use has risen to 4.6 from 4.1 this time last year, while 86% of those polled said they regularly use mobile apps for work purposes.

Among the other findings, described as ‘one of the most important trends in enterprise mobility in 2016’, was the increased usage of cloud-based SaaS apps at work – only a third of apps used by employees were built by their companies.

One of the more interesting aspects of the CCS study – which it also did in previous research – was examine the most critical enterprise brands and assess how far the consumerisation of IT has taken hold. 48% of employees cited Apple making it the most popular, just ahead of Microsoft (45%) and Google (33%). More traditional brands, such as Dell, BlackBerry and IBM, all failed to poll more than 10% of votes. Google was noted as being a significantly popular brand amongst millennial respondents.

Overall, employees are increasingly convinced that mobility is connected to better business performance. It has to be noted that it appears to be more of a gut feeling than anything else – 49% said there was a “substantially positive impact” despite the fact that the majority of firms do not measure the main improvements from their enterprise mobility investments – yet there is more evidence of an ‘always-on’ culture; the number of respondents whose customers and fellow employees expect them to be available outside of work hours went up year over year.

“Technology gaps in connectivity and app management tools, for example, will need to be filled,” a blog post from the company notes with regard to improvements. “In addition, changes to organisational processes that improve communication and employee training in the critical areas of mobile app policy, employee privacy and data security will also be required. We expect these to be some of the key focuses of IT strategists in the coming 12 months.”

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