UX more important mobility investment area than security in US and UK


User experience is emerging as the most popular investment area among enterprise mobility professionals in the US and UK – but across the rest of Europe security remains king.

That is the verdict from the latest report by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The report, entitled ‘The Roadmap to Mobile Transformation’, took the opinions of the company’s event attendees, asked around the service areas they were looking to invest in over the coming six to 18 months.

The results are interesting, although it’s not straightforward to cross-pollinate with the 2015 findings. Last year, respondents across the board cited mobile applications development as the most important facet (USA 89%, Europe 88%, UK 73%). The only comparable factor from 2016 is cross platform application development with lower results – 62% for the US and 38% for Europe.

Regarding the US figures, the report notes the dip in app development prioritisation, as well as on IoT, despite the cross-industry importance of these areas for mobility. For Europe, big data, IoT, and cloud computing continue to gain traction, while device security (62% of respondents) was the second most important factor – potentially due to changing BYOD regulations.

Mike Jennet, VP of mobile strategy at research firm IDC, argues the rise of user experience makes sense given the consumer expectations on enterprise mobile. “We are seeing the consumer applications going in to the enterprise, and employees and people are expecting that same type of user experience that they get with their games and their apps that they see in the consumer world when they are working in the enterprise world,” Jennet said.

Describing his theory as the ‘Angry Birds principle’, Jennet added: “It has to be a very simple, easy to use application that is a bit visually appealing, that people want to engage with because otherwise they are going to find some other app. It is really getting enterprises to understand that they really need to focus on creating user-friendly, easy to use applications.”

You can find out more about the report here.


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