LinkedIn’s data on emerging jobs cites machine learning and data science skills as key

If you want to get the bleeding edge jobs in tech, machine learning, big data, and data science are the ways forward, according to new research from LinkedIn.

The social giant analysed its own data from the past five years to come up with a variety of trends on which jobs and skills are on the rise – and what they are replacing.

Of the top 10 emerging jobs – those whose rate of growth have been at least four and a half times in the past five years – six of them are tech-specific. Machine learning engineer is the job title which is gaining the most prominence by far, ahead of data scientist, while big data developer, full stack engineer, unity developer, and director of data science all featured strongly.

So if you want to become a machine learning engineer in a couple of years’ time, you will need a few things. Of course, the correct set of skills is key. As this recent post from Vladimir Novakovski, founder of Quora’s machine learning team, notes, one needs a general set of skills rather than focusing on one deep learning package and becoming proficient that way.

Aside from that, LinkedIn’s data was able to extrapolate where current machine learning engineers were a few years before. Predominantly, they were either software engineers, research or teaching assistants, data scientists, or system engineers. Big data developers, in comparison, were previously software engineers, Hadoop or ETL developers, system engineers, or Java engineers.

When it came to the most common skills among emerging jobs, the key was around soft skills. While more specialised elements, such as Python, software development and cloud computing were at the back end of the top 10 skills, management, sales and communication were in the top three.

You can read the full report here.

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