Mobility skills and experience becoming ever more important, argues Randstad


Mobility skills are going to be in ever-increasing demand while the line between cybersecurity and IT will start to blur, according to predictions from Randstad Technologies.

The analysis also examines a generational change in the workplace – although perhaps not the trend you are expecting – as well as new company roles.

Randstad argues that in 2017, companies will place greater emphasis on hires of all ages, although adding in a separate prediction that ‘generation Z’ will bring a ‘dramatic new energy’ to each workplace. “The definition of diversity will expand to include age and experience,” the company said. “Given the tech industry’s tendency to hire young workers fresh out of college, the industry has traditionally overlooked the advantages of having older, more seasoned employees work alongside younger ones.”

If these employees are both experienced and have mobile skills then they will certainly be hot property, the company adds, while IT will need to beef up its cybersecurity knowledge. “Most IT staff will be required to have at least some expertise in cybersecurity,” Randstad added. “Experts now realise this is the only way to ensure that security is ubiquitous throughout networks and systems, and that security gets baked in rather than bolted on after the fact.”

Automation was also considered in Randstad’s analysis, although adding that it won’t eliminate the human touch altogether, while the rise of the independent workforce is also worth considering.

“Companies want greater flexibility, economy and efficiency from their workforce investments,” the company said. “We expect agile employees to comprise as much as 50% of the workforce by 2019, allowing companies access to specialised talent and skillsets that fit their precise needs.”

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