Concerns rise from IT over protecting remote and mobile enterprise traffic

Four out of five IT executives – and more than half of C-suite execs – say they are not confident in protecting enterprise mobile traffic.

That is the verdict from a new study by enterprise security platform provider iboss. The report, titled ‘Security in a Remote Access World’ and taking the views of more than 100 IT professionals, argues that the executives leading the technological charge in large enterprises are making strategic decisions blind based on an incomplete view of their networks.

“The proliferation of devices accessing the network is causing bandwidth demands to grow exponentially,” wrote Paul Martini, iboss CEO and co-founder in a blog post. “At the same time, the blurring of the network perimeter due to a boost in remote access is making it hard for IT to track cybersecurity threats as they attempt to infiltrate the network.

“There appears to be a disconnect between the teams on the front lines monitoring the crumbling network perimeter and those in the C-suite enjoying the agility of a distributed workforce,” Martini added.

Organisations are at least aware of the investments they have to make. Three quarters (74%) of respondents say they expect bandwidth demands in their organisation to grow to above 10 Gbps by 2020 – to put that figure into context, according to Arbor Networks a 1 Gbps DDoS attack is enough to take most organisations offline – while a similar number (71%) say they plan to increase VPN capacity to tackle growing bandwidth requirements.

The report offers six trends organisations need to be aware of; most IT execs are not confident about their cybersecurity protection; the C-suite and IT are not on the same page when it comes to increasing bandwidth; distributed devices continue to pose a major security risk; cost of backhauling data is growing at double digit rates; confidence in securing internet traffic drops the further out employees are from their headquarters; and hybrid cloud and on-premises web gateways remain the primary method for protecting remote network traffic.

Naturally, iboss has a solution for such an issue; the company’s Distributed Gateway Platform aims to offer the same level of network security found at both the office and remotely.

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