Zoho aims to offer more seamless password experience while ensuring security

Zoho, a business cloud software provider, has announced the addition of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)-based single sign on support for Vault, its team password manager, to enable greater cloud access.

The theory behind it is straightforward; by accessing Zoho Vault, users can access a variety of other applications directly, while IT has total visibility over user access, tracking, and accountability. Apps supported include Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Zendesk and Box, while Zoho Vault can also be configured to integrate with any SAML-based service provider.

Vault utilises SAML 2.0 and aims to offer a ‘seamless login experience’ for users, the company said, with pricing starting at $7 per user per month in the Zoho Vault Enterprise Edition.

“A team password vault is a good starting point for companies, but it only solves part of the problem,” said Rajesh Ganesan, Zoho director of product management in a statement. “By adopting SAML-based single sign-on, Zoho Vault provides a proven and standards-based method to effectively manage and track all application access.

“The password is truly not required or disclosed anywhere, allowing IT some elusive peace of mind,” Ganesan added.

This publication has long since reported the supposed demise of the password. Research earlier this month from OneLogin was dismaying, if not surprising; only two in five (41%) companies polled said they get their employees to check passwords against common lists, while only a quarter (24%) said passwords were changed monthly.

But what is the solution? As an article for The Security Ledger noted last week, the password is ‘hard to kill’, in the words of Shalini Mayor, a senior director at Visa: “the question is what to replace them with.” According to a poll of Black Hat attendees in July, fingerprints were seen as the most effective security tool, alongside MDM, network firewalls, and access controls. Not surprisingly, password-protected documents were rock bottom of the list.

According to the Ledger article, taken from a session at the Akamai Edge Conference, biometrics could prove a strong factor, but with their own problems. One solution to its supposed invasiveness is to insert ‘friction at points’ around key areas. Zoho appears to be doing similarly with this release.


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