How Disney's ‘guestology’ theory for customer experience can improve IT support

It has been a few years now since Bruce Laval first coined the phrase ‘guestology’ for The Walt Disney corporation as a philosophy of how to maintain the ‘magic’ of the Walt Disney World resort.

A key factor of the theory is that what appears in front of the customer is always the finished product – all the characters and themes always in the right place and never seen in an area they should not be in.

Essentially, all the maintenance is done behind the scenes and the customer never gets a glimpse of how the thing is put together; maintaining the illusion and ensuring customer confidence in the experience.

The world of IT desk-side support is the complete opposite of this philosophy and it is no wonder that IT issues rank third among office workers’ biggest gripes at work.

Reducing confidence in IT support

Anyone who has ever had an IT issue at work knows the frustration of raising a ticket with the anonymous desk-side support team over email or phone and then waiting hours – or days in extreme situations – for issues to be followed up and solved.

Worse than this, are the times when a desk-side support member cannot immediately work out the problem and spends an hour running through tests and procedures – none of which produce the desired resolution.

Watching your IT support team apparently floundering (slightly unfair as many of those checks need to happen to find the problem) as they try to solve your issue is a sure way to remove any confidence in them that they know what they’re doing, and for a business can strike a reputational blow that they don’t have procedures in place to solve problems quickly when things go wrong.

Similar frustrations exist for new starters who – while initially keen for their first day at a new job – inevitably spend their first day sat around waiting for their new equipment to be set up while answering questions from the ‘IT guy’ on what their password should be.

Guestology in IT support

If you’ve bought anything from Argos or Amazon recently you’ll have likely experienced the new consumer trend of click and collect. This ability to order an item online and then pick it up within a couple of hours from a store close to you is a blueprint for modern customer service – and is something which needs to be replicated within IT support.

Imagine, rather than waiting three days for an issue to be solved – the average time it takes to resolve a technical issue today – you could order a new laptop online, choose to pick it up from a locker at a location close to your office and then drop off your broken laptop and replace it with a new temporary machine which has already been mirrored to your settings.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and it’s real.

Cloud technology and smart locker solutions have now made this entire process of replacing laptops or any electrical equipment within a few minutes entirely possible and will completely change how desk-side IT support deals with your issues.

Much like Walt Disney’s guestology theory, smart lockers and cloud tech allow for any technical repairs to be dealt with in the background while the user simply picks up where they left off with a new machine like nothing had ever gone wrong.

They no longer have to sit to the side while the hassled IT team – which is dealing with dozens of requests every day – works through their problems, the ‘magic’ of IT resolution just goes about its business in the background.

Similarly, for new starters they will no longer have to spend their first day twiddling their thumbs waiting for IT equipment to be set up. They can simply pick up a new laptop from reception, open the box and be ready to get to work on the job they, and you, want them to be getting on with.

Guestology was a revolution for the consumer customer experience when it was first introduced, and now new connected technology is bringing this same philosophy into the enterprise arena. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this and sharing their use-cases? Attend the co-located IoT Tech Expo, Blockchain Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo World Series with upcoming events in Silicon Valley, London and Amsterdam and explore the future of enterprise technology.

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