AWS retains its crown as the go-to cloud IaaS provider for SMBs

A study by cloud managed services provider RightScale has revealed that Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues its dominance among SMBs.

AWS first opened the door for its cloud services among SMBs with its initial IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering. The company has retained its lead as the ‘go-to cloud’ for SMBs despite the presence of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

In fact, AWS has twice as many SMB customers than its ‘big-named’ competitors.

AWS’ early start and a range of services are partly responsible for the gap. However, the study notes how customer loyalty and industry hype are the other main reasons for the company to be continuing to lead the race.

Moreover, AWS was the first IaaS cloud provider that was available for the public as it offered its services on a wide scale. Several start-ups and existing computing firms tried to outgun AWS, but to no avail.

Both Microsoft and Google are strong IaaS cloud contenders but they began as PaaS-only and did not add IaaS until AWS popped up as an established brand in the market. From this moment, AWS has been the leader with its wide array of services.

Initially, SMBs were the only customers AWS had. Big companies hesitated to use the public cloud due to security issues and the shortage of total resource control.

Smaller businesses did not have the same privilege as the larger corporations and were more flexible. These small businesses were given a significant, pay-as-you-go discount compared to the expensive capital investments for on-premises hardware and software.

For the foreseeable future, it's for these reasons AWS is the most well-known cloud for SMBs.

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