Wizergos introduces Workplace Insights Management platform for enterprises

Bengaluru, India-based SaaS solutions provider Wizergos have introduced a team behaviour analysis engine, called Workplace Insights, which removes recency bias and eliminates guesswork in order to manage projects and teams.

The solution is being used by managers across various industries, namely construction, manufacturing, retail, BFSI, healthcare, etc. to run and track all of their projects and operations.

Workplace Insights – which is part of the company’s flagship Meeting Management Platform – is a custom built solution for running project and operation meetings that incorporates features like Automated Minutes, Action Item tracking, and Resolutions.

The platform’s team behaviour analysis engine accumulates a variety of data on the working of every team and an individual to get an idea of how they are cooperating with each other. This reveals many actionable insights and leading indicators of success and trouble.

Shibabrata Mondal, Founder and CEO of Wizergos said: “Customers of Wizergos Meetings and Action Item Management solution uses our platform as an operating system for all their work. For managers, Wizergos also works as a console to manage teams and projects. The release of the Insights Engine is driven by our customers’ need to better manage, predict, and take corrective actions.”

Apart from showing team behavioural data and analysis of the data to managers, the Wizergos Insights Engine also allows them to upload their team’s performance data into the system and find behaviours that are leading indicators or correlated with high performance.

Most sales teams in today’s organisations are usually managed with data, while other operations and functional teams depend mostly on human judgement. These days, it is a growing trend to be more data-driven for all the processes in a business.

The Wizergos Meeting Management platform can help enterprises turn into a data-driven business. The solution is available on the web and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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