PowWow Mobile focuses on smart app templates and more with latest product release

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PowWow Mobile, a San Francisco-based provider of enterprise mobility software, has launched the latest version of its SmartUX product focused on enterprise mobile app creation and modernisation.

The latest offering, version 6.0, has a variety of updates, from the introduction of micro-app templates for mobilising common enterprise workflows, to extended drag and drop capabilities.

The product has four elements aimed at helping organisations build, repurpose and deliver enterprise mobile apps. These are Studio, the creation tool, Explorer, which aims to ‘transform systems of record into systems of engagement’ extending existing investments in apps, data and logic, Connect, which enables connection with third part data sources, and Dashboard, to publish apps, manage users and enforce app security.

With the release, the company has four themes it aims to improve upon – smart templates being one of them, alongside rapid app delivery, enterprise security control, and next-generation integration of backend systems.

Micro-app templates are by no means a unique idea in the space – Capriza and Sapho are two companies who offer a similar approach – but according to Ravinder Braich, PowWow VP product management, it is something customers have been wanting. “With all the customers and prospects we’ve talked to, there seems to be a baseline of applications that every customer is wanting to do off the get-go,” he tells Enterprise CIO. “We sort of think of those as template apps, so why don’t we start building those template apps with screens and connectors?

“So instead of having a customer build those from scratch every time, they can leverage them from our template library and start that way.”

The company describes this as a ‘breakthrough’ release, empowering citizen developers with ‘the right tools to create apps and digitise workflows, enabling organisations to accelerate and scale their app portfolio far faster than ever before.’

Customer feedback thus far has been very good; one such customer is manufacturer Flex. “With PowWow, Flex was able to standardise on one platform, centrally managed by corporate IT but used by citizen developers across our organisation,” said Ben Webb, Flex director of IT platform solutions. “The new capabilities with SmartUX 6.0 have further accelerated our app delivery initiatives, providing us with a full-service platform for rapidly scaling our mobile app portfolio.”

You can find out more about SmartUX 6.0 here.


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