Germany and US leading the way in enterprise software-driven landscape, says Pivotal

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The five S’s which define a modern software company are speed, stability, scalability, security, and savings. But to what extent do different verticals adhere to this mantra? Pivotal Software has put together a benchmark test to assess which industries and countries are on top – with Germany edging out the US in the latter.

The Built to Adapt Benchmark, put together alongside analyst firms Ovum and Longitude Research, polled more than 1600 executives across CIOs, CSOs, CTOs and IT managers and found a divided landscape overall. 39% of those polled said they deployed software at least once a day; yet a similar number (40%) only deploy once a month – if that.

German respondents outpaced their US counterparts in some disciplines. Developers in Germany handle 3.13 applications each on average, compared with a meagre 0.69 for the US, with Australia (3.74) and Singapore (3.55) on top. Yet US respondents could boast more time spent on average (42%) writing code for new products or features – as opposed to fixing and maintenance – than any other region.

The US also was well clear in terms of automated tasks. Infrastructure provisioning (58% of US respondents), software build (54%), performance monitoring (70%) and software deployment (64%) were the highlights as the US led in every category, with Germany virtually second in all.

Generally however, there were three distinct groups; the high performers, medium, and stragglers. For scalability for instance, the best performers (Germany, US and UK with more than 40%) scale out existing architecture with minimal structural changes, but at the lower end (Australia and Japan with almost 20%) respondents said they would need to redesign their architecture from the ground up.

“Pivotal believes that businesses across every industry need to innovate at the speed of startups to succeed in a world increasingly defined by software,” said Edward Hieatt, Pivotal SVP of services and customer success. “As a result, fast organisations are best positioned to develop and deploy software that successfully responds to demanding and evolving customer expectations.

“With The Benchmark, the world’s largest enterprises now have a quantitative framework of measurable indicators that can be used to gauge how well their organisation builds software that delivers business value to their customers,” Hieatt added.

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