Myth-busting mobile in the enterprise: Day two support is the same as other IT resources

Since joining Stratix over 20 years ago, Ross has served in various field and Operations management roles. Ross was the enterprise mobile innovator who designed the company’s initial Mobile Provisioning & Deployment Center in 1999. In 2004, he created the company’s Custom Accessory Division which continues to provide exponential growth. Today, Ross supports and continues to enhance Stratix’ comprehensive suite of Mobile Managed Services (MMS). Ross holds a BA degree in International Business from the University of Georgia.

As mobile devices have grown indispensable for enterprises, so too has their ability to disrupt mission-critical work when they malfunction or when other complications arise. The support obligations that come with mobile technology deployments are considerable.

Just because you have an in-house IT help desk team doesn’t mean you’re meeting all of those obligations. A Blue Hill Research study estimates that your IT department can overspend by up to 20% versus dedicated managed mobility services.

That’s just one reactive piece of the puzzle. A fully integrated day two mobility support program offers the following advantages:

  • It reduces cost drivers like unnecessary RMAs, missed revenue and lost productivity
  • It empowers personnel to quickly and effectively get resolutions by phone
  • It lets you maximise value on your mobility spend by redeploying or refurbishing impacted devices
  • It handles sensitive data securely to reduce liability
  • It provides visibility and analytics on all device repair histories, usage and more to inform valuable business insights
  • Most importantly, it does this all at scale, so you don’t have to scale your workforce up and down with demand

Your in-house help desk isn’t equipped to offer these advantages, and investing heavily in more computers, devices, internet bandwidth, personnel and training isn’t an option. That means you’re leaving efficiency, revenue and employee satisfaction on the table.

The good news is that this “myth” doesn’t have to affect your business. Selecting the right managed mobility partner with the experience and agility to handle the immense logistical challenges of true day two support is the most important aspect in creating effective nonstop mobility for your business.

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