Okta report: Fastest growing apps focus on identity-driven security

The fifth annual Businesses @ Work report by US-based publicly-traded identity management company Okta states that organisations are sincerely considering Zero Trust architecture as the fastest growing apps today focus on identity-driven security.

The report, which leverages anonymised data from Okta’s customer base to put light on technology adoption in the enterprise, reveals that user-focused security apps dominate with KnowBe4, LastPass, and Proofpoint in the top three spots.

KnowBe4 – a security awareness training company – beats other apps with its 178% year-over-year growth to claim the top spot, says the report.

Okta APAC general manager Graham Sowden says:

“More and more businesses are realising that with the rise in advanced insider threats, not everything or everyone inside a network can be trusted.

Adopting a new Zero Trust framework, organisations are leaving traditional network security strategies behind, and instead shifting to perimeter-less approaches, focusing on users, data, and locations. People – and their digital identities – are the framework’s foundation, and businesses are sourcing tools to help protect valuable user credentials."

Other important findings mentioned in the report states Office 365 as the most popular app and can claim nearly twice as many customers as the G Suite. With increased leads, Office 365 continues to dominate the total pool of apps. The number of active users has grown by 55% on a year-over-year basis. Whereas the G-Suite’s user base is said to be growing faster at 116% on a yearly basis.

Even though the Office 365 suite is the top app in Okta’s network, the data shows companies rather go for a variety of different apps instead of using the entire Microsoft suite. Over three quarters, i.e. 76%, of Okta’s Office 365 customers have one or more apps that offer duplicative functionality to apps offered by Microsoft. Over 28% of the customers chat on Slack and almost 24% use Zoom to connect to their colleagues.

Moreover, organisations that invest in developer tools are three times are likely to deploy the G-Suite than companies without any developer tools. The data shows 46% of the companies with at least one developer tool have G-suite compared to only 17% of non-developers.

(Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash)

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