Yubico introduces NFC-enabled security key and connector

Hardware authentication device manufacturer Yubico has introduced two new device form factors, namely the Security Key NFC and the YubiKey Lightening connector for iPhones and iPads, at the ongoing CES 2019 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Manufactured in the US and Sweden, the Security Key NFC is made from reinforced fiberglass that is hermetically sealed and injection moulded into a monolithic block, which delivers remarkable physical durability, in its unique blue colour. The device expands the distinctive blue Security Key Series to include NFC, along with its USB-A interface, for two-factor and tap-and-go authentication. It supports authentication for FIDO2/WebAuthn and U2F services on computers and supported mobile devices. The solution does not have to depend on cumbersome and less secure SMS or mobile app authentication techniques.

The YubiKey for Lightning, which is yet to enter the market for commercial purpose, is a multi-protocol hardware authenticator designed with both USB-C and Lightning connectors, which are the most common connectors for Mac and iPhones. Yubico is also officially introducing the YubiKey for Lightening Programme as an extension of the company’s Lightening Project that was announced in August 2018.

Spanish enterprise-class cyberthreat intelligence firm Blueliv in its latest quarterly credential theft analysis stated that the compromised credentials retrieved from botnets geolocated to North America grew by 141% on quarter-over-quarter basis, from March to May 2018 over June to August 2018 period. On the other hand, Europe and Russia witnessed a 22% decrease and Asian nations saw a 36% decline in compromised credentials.

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