Exploring mobility as a service – and the drivers behind it

Since joining Stratix over 20 years ago, Ross has served in various field and Operations management roles. Ross was the enterprise mobile innovator who designed the company’s initial Mobile Provisioning & Deployment Center in 1999. In 2004, he created the company’s Custom Accessory Division which continues to provide exponential growth. Today, Ross supports and continues to enhance Stratix’ comprehensive suite of Mobile Managed Services (MMS). Ross holds a BA degree in International Business from the University of Georgia.

Effective managed mobility for your enterprise is the key to getting the most out of your mobile technology spend, but what’s the best way for you to manage how you spend your budget?

If you’re a typical mid-to-large enterprise IT director, you’re probably spending a lot of time wrestling with your capital expenditure allotment or CAPEX. It’s the “traditional” way of acquiring technology for your employees, especially tablets and smartphones. But the speed of mobile innovation rarely cooperates with the depreciation cycles of other IT equipment in your capital expenditure.

Mobile technology typically refreshes in two years or less, while traditional desktops and accessories still have a five-year depreciation cycle. It’s pretty difficult to go back to your chief financial officer (CFO) for device refresh money just two years after requesting your allotment of CAPEX funds. The good news is that your mobility expenditures – devices, licenses/apps, services and providers – can be handled in one predictable monthly spend via mobility as a service (MaaS).

MaaS gives your business the advantage of acquiring current devices, services and more without the worries of varying cycles and budgets. Under a MaaS model, you can get maximum productivity from your mobile ecosystem, then refresh when it makes the most sense for your business needs. You can also get 360-degree continuous asset management to understand what devices are in your mobile inventory complete with usage and repair histories.

Best of all, support, repair and reverse logistics are bundled into the model so you can enjoy maximum value from your mobile technology spend. If you want maximum flexibility, be sure to find a platform-agnostic MaaS partner and provider that has extensive relationships with manufacturers and their associated leasing/financing companies. Leveraging those relationships is key to getting the most out of the MaaS model.

MaaS offers a consistent flat monthly fee per device that encompasses all of the lifecycle services and support you need to make the most out of your mobile technology spend. This enables operational flexibility and access to the latest technologies, as well as more options for your employees and their use cases. Effective managed mobility is more than just the devices that empower your employees to be more efficient and productive.

It might be time to start thinking differently about the mobile part of your CAPEX allotment as well.

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