Antenna updates enterprise app platform AMPchroma

Mobility solutions provider Antenna Software has updated its AMPchroma platform giving more freedom in the creation of enterprise apps.

AMPchroma, a mobility platform designed for enterprises to run and manage mobile apps, now features a more flexible client allowing developers to deploy apps built with third party tools into the Antenna platform.

The client also allows apps build in standards-based languages such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, as well as native...

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What are the best mobile apps for SMEs? [infographic]

Research from Bizness Apps has shown how mobile is transforming smaller businesses. The research showed that restaurants, professional services and fitness clubs are the best businesses to create mobile apps.

With 81 billion apps expected to be downloaded in 2013, it’s an important area for small businesses to capitalise on. “Mobile websites are perfect for customer acquisition through local searches, and mobile apps are perfect for customer loyalty through engaging features,” notes a...

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Are you afraid of the mobile monster? [infographic]

Research from vulnerability management and penetration tester Rapid7 has attempted to further shed light on the vagaries of BYOD.

Rapid7 put the key findings in an infographic (below) to “help drive the concerns home”, according to a blog post from Patrick Hellen, Rapid7 community manager, and concluded that BYOD exacerbates a 'mobile monster' philosophy.

Among the facts gleaned by Rapid7 include:

  • Over two in three (67%) iOS devices have outdated firmware on their system
  • 51% of organisations surveyed experienced data loss from employees using unsecured...

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20 years on, is SMS still a viable business tool?

Twenty years ago today a young British engineer named Neil Papworth sent the world’s first ever ‘short message service (SMS), “Merry Christmas”.

The recipient, Vodafone UK employee Richard Jarvis, received the message over Vodafone’s GSM network, and had no way of replying, but the innocuous seeming event spawned an entire communications revolution.

Despite the levels of SMS continuing to grow every year for the last two decades, some industry commentators have begun predicting...

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Enterprise mobility fears keeping CIOs awake at night

The topic of mobility and mobile is everywhere these days, not just in our homes but in our offices and boardrooms too. Some great statistics, recently released by [x]cube labs, suggest that as many as 73% of the global enterprise workforce are mobile workers. This may sound a little high even fantastical but they split the workers into groupings of users which included “wannabes” or those who are not actually mobile but want the technology that goes...

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Why innovation must shape the CIO agenda

Denise Montgomery, Research Director, Financial Services Technology, Asia-Pacific, Ovum

Leading and managing innovation in a cost-constrained environment, and managing the organizational change that accompanies it, is a core concern for CIOs across industries. Given the scale and speed of the digital revolution, approaches to innovation need to focus on addressing the challenge of disruption, rather than initiating process improvement. In this environment, mobility is viewed as the new canvas for IT, along with cloud,...

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How apps change the way the military operates in the field

What role can apps play in defence strategy? Kevin Deal, Vice President, Aerospace & Defence, IFS North America, examines how mobile technology is being used in defence – and its potential for the future.

It is difficult to believe that the idea of a hand-held mobile phone was an alien concept only a few short decades ago.

From brick-sized analogue devices to wafer thin smartphones with processing capabilities comparable to those of laptops, new technology is constantly pushing the...

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Webroot: Mobile workplace threats are "real and costly"

According to research from Webroot, more than four in five security executives think that mobile devices make for a “high security risk within the corporate environment”.

The research, which spoke to over 700 mobile and endpoint security execs in the USA, UK and Australia, attempted to examine the challenges IT was facing with the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace.

The key highlights of the report include:

  • 52% of respondents didn’t have mobile security currently implemented
  • Three out of five companies need increased IT...

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5 tips for CIOs to cut the cost of mobile business apps

Many chief execs and CIOs will be shocked at the full cost of developing mobile business apps and it won’t be too surprising to hear the words "how much?" yelled across a boardroom - perhaps followed by an expletive or two - before or after the project is undertaken.
On the basis that it's better to understand in advance and take steps to manage the costs, we have provided some guidelines - five pieces of advice for CIOs that could reduce costs when creating a...

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Are you a mobile worker superhero? [infographic]

There’s a new kind of superhero making its way around – and no, not the superheroes and wonderwomen you’ll see out trick-or-treating.

As explained by Neha Prakash of Mashable the workplace is being taken over by a new breed of “elite” workers who use mobile apps to increase business productivity:

“Unisys did a research project with Forrester Consulting, conducting surveys with more than...

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Benioff: PCs are going down & they're taking Microsoft with them

This month I attended Cloudforce in Stockholm and was absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of attendees, to be honest I think Salesforce may have been just as surprised. The event had around 250 attendees last year and had ballooned this year to about 1200.

The reason I say Salesforce may have been taken by surprise is obvious when you saw attendees crammed into a tiny room. Clever marketing or over subscription I am not sure, either way it had...

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SANS: Mobile workplace policy doesn’t correspond with the facts

A new piece of research has found that while the vast majority of organisations feel a BYOD and mobile policy is vital, nearly two in five don’t have formal BYOD provisions in place.

The survey by SANS on mobility, BYOD security policies and practices, looked at various aspects of mobile policy, including important drivers for implementing a mobile policy, the importance of security in a mobile framework, and how confident companies...

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Four in five enterprises will deploy custom apps [infographic]

New research from Zenprise has revealed, among other insights, that the majority of enterprises will deploy custom mobile apps in the next 12 months.

The Zenprise report, which spoke to 501 IT professionals, showed some interesting insights into mobile initiatives – the big takeaway being that 81% of enterprises plan to deploy custom enterprise mobile apps and that three quarters plan to initiate mobile line-of-business apps in the next 12 months.

Elsewhere, another intriguing insight is the development...

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Here comes Windows 8: But are devices too expensive?

A looming shadow of uncertainty has been cast on the market around the possible disruptive potential of Microsoft’s new mobile and tablet operating systems, causing brows to darken among Google and Apple chiefs, but are the new MS devices too expensive?

Windows 8 officially goes on sale on 26 October with the launch of the Surface tablet, not to mention the host of additional devices running the OS from manufacturers like Levono, Dell and Acer, business leaders suddenly have an increased level of choice...

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Mobility: Three strategies to survive

A few weeks ago I posted a blog around the impending death of print media. This set me thinking about the huge shifts occurring in the way we live our lives and how, whilst some of us embrace change, many of us rage against the dying of the light and hold on to what we once held dear.

This looks at our desire to change, evolve and grow: the impact that has on us as human beings and the back lash this creates and how it manifests itself as a need to...

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The future of mobile in the workplace #AppsWorld

By Davoc Bradley – Head of Mobile, Redware

Smartphones and tablet devices have dominated the market since their introduction and, in our personal lives, we are using them to complete more and more of our tasks.

From mobile banking, to keeping all our notes, shopping lists, appointments and emails in the vast array of apps that are out there, we are increasingly keeping more of our lives on them.

This trend is only set to continue, with tablet devices still in their infancy and new tablets always coming...

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COPE vs BYOD: Which is better for you?

With recent BYOD research finding negatives on the trend, can the COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) mobility model step in? Enterprise AppsTech spoke to MOBI Wireless Management’s Brandon Hampton to discuss the issues.

For those unfamiliar with COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled), its key difference when put alongside a BYOD policy is one of liability.

With COPE, the company is responsible for the bill; with BYOD, the employee is.

So where will COPE fit in to the overall ecosystem alongside...

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IDC: MEM market to hit $1.8bn in four years

A research report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that the mobile enterprise management (MEM) market will hit $1.8 billion (£1.1bn) by 2016.

The report, entitled “Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Management Software 2012-2016 Forecast and Analysis and 2011 Vendor Shares”, indicated that the biggest growth region will be in the Americas.

Global MEM revenue hit $444.6m (£273.8m) for the year at the end of 2011, according to the report.

According to IDC, even though...

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Mobile customer care requires accountable ownership to succeed

By Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst, Customer Experience & Interaction

Providing mobile access for customers is a popular initiative in many organizations today, but the ability to translate momentum into the development of customer care capabilities varies widely based on organisational dynamics (politics) and the focus for mobile strategy within an enterprise.

As described in Ovum’s recent report The Future of Customer Service in a Mobile World: Smart, Connected Interactions, the success of a mobile...

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Lessons learned: 5 top tips to develop mobile applications

What enterprise application teams can learn from Facebook

As you may have seen, Facebook recently re-launched their application for iOS devices in an attempt to fix some of the outstanding issues that had been identified by their users.

Whether these have been fixed or not is debatable, but what really stood out to me is what this can teach those charged with creating large scale business critical applications.

You may think: “What does Facebook have to do with how I run my business?” The Facebook...

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