How WannaCry demonstrates the dangers of homogeneous, unpatched networks

Whenever history seemed to repeat itself, my Granny used to quip, “same song, different verse.” As the WannaCry (WNCRY) ransomware spread like wildfire in a dry forest, I heard the familiar refrain and discordant notes of previous worms: Blaster (2003), Welchia “Nachi” (2003), and Conflicker (2008). Each of these worms spread via well known flaws in Microsoft Windows for which patches were already available. Why then, after a decade and a half, are we still seeing worms spreading via...

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85% of enterprises will have started deploying Windows 10 by end of 2017, says Gartner

Analyst house Gartner projected Windows 10 for record enterprise adoption as far back as 2015 – and now a new note from the company says 85% of enterprises will have started deployments by the end of 2017.

The figure comes from a survey conducted in the last quarter of 2016 in Brazil, China, France, India, the UK, and US. Almost half (49%) of respondents said security improvements were the primary reason for...

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Microsoft rolls out Teams to Office 365 customers: Where do we go from here?

It caused enough ripples when it was released that Slack was compelled to take out a full page advert in the New York Times – and now Microsoft has officially rolled out its Teams product to Office 365 subscribers worldwide.

To define Teams, as the promotional video for the preview put it: “Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that gives people one place to connect and create in...

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Skycure integrates with Microsoft EMS in enhanced mobile security play


Mobile threat defence provider Skycure has announced it is collaborating with Microsoft on integrating its platform with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

The collaboration ‘allows organisations to more confidently address the needs of today’s mobile workforce, ensuring that devices are risk-free and secure before accessing corporate resources’, according to the press materials.

Customers should expect ‘seamless integration’ with EMS,

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Office 365 most popular enterprise app with Zoom fastest growing, says Okta


Office 365 increased its lead as the most popular application in the Okta network last year, ahead of Salesforce and Box, according to the company’s latest Businesses@Work study released today.

The latest report, which is the third edition of the company’s study into workplace trends, pulled data from thousands of Okta customers, from small businesses to enterprise, representing millions of authentications. The primary trend, alongside the apps data, was that 16% of...

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Mobility investments moving more towards the business – but is this the full story?


How are organisations investing in mobile technology, and what will 2017 bring? These are among the questions that Nick McQuire, VP enterprise at CCS Insight and contributor to this publication, has been exploring in his recent work.

The latest edition of CCS Insight’s enterprise IT buyers survey landed at the very back end of 2016, with lots of continuity but some interesting and challenging findings. The study, which quizzed 400 mobile technology decision makers in Europe and...

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Five areas CIOs who work with Microsoft technologies need to invest in


Do your staff have the skills they need to support your IT strategy?

As a Microsoft Partner working with CIOs, heads of IT, developers, architects, administrators and more, we at Rencore wanted to find out if the digital age is providing more challenges, rather than opportunities when it comes to learning new skills. Our research – which also looks at what environments those companies are using, the challenges they have around security and governance and their plans for the future - is the...

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Report argues inflection point with SharePoint development imminent


SharePoint developers are aware they need to learn new skills but do not have sufficient training while upgrading SharePoint is not in the short-term plans of many businesses.

Those were among the key findings from a new report released by Rencore on SharePoint and Office 365 development best practices.

The study elicited more than 1,200 responses, of which almost two thirds were either architects or developers, and found something of an inflection point when it comes to enterprise...

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Microsoft announces Intune is part of Android for Work initiative


Microsoft has announced its enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite Intune is now part of the Android for Work program.

The announcement, made on an official company blog, outlined several new capabilities for the initial release. Microsoft plans to offer a broader set of management policies for Android devices – managing work profiles and defining permission policies for certain...

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Microsoft acquires AI-flavoured scheduling service Genee to bolster Office 365


Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Genee, an artificial intelligence-powered scheduling service, to bolster Office 365 in the productivity stakes.

Genee works in a similar way to Amy,’s AI-flavoured personal assistant. Users looking to schedule meetings can simply copy Genee into an email and the software then does the work. The company confirmed that the service will shut down on September 1, while adding that all existing calendar entries created will remain.


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New survey reveals potential SharePoint collaboration difficulties


More than a quarter of SharePoint projects have struggled to meet expectations, while a similar number have stalled, according to new research released by information management analysts AIIM.

The study, conducted alongside information management software firm Gimmal and mobile and email content management vendor Colligo, found that for two thirds (66%) of those who had cited dissatisfaction, the primary issue was that the Microsoft collaboration product was “hard to...

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Enterprises keen on Windows 10 migration – but plenty still to work out

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Windows 10 is a top priority for enterprises, but it’s still early days in terms of migration, according to research conducted by VMware.

The survey, which conducted 575 interviews – 72% with customers and the remainder with partners –  was released yesterday on the anniversary of the operating system’s launch.

Almost three quarters (74%) of those polled said the key motivation to move to Windows 10 was the obsolescence of Windows 7 and 8. For half...

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Microsoft and IBM team up for Surface-specific enterprise apps


Microsoft has announced a deal with IBM to expand the Surface Enterprise Initiative and push out new apps for Surface tablets and Surface Book laptops to IBM’s enterprise customers.

The move builds on Microsoft’s deal with Dell and HP last year reselling Surface tablets to open the initiative – and has interesting overtones with Apple’s IBM collaboration announced back in 2014.

The reason for the comparison is that the Microsoft/IBM deal looks on the...

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Skype for Business gets solid user feedback – but mobile issues need to be ironed out


It has been almost a year and a half since Microsoft announced it was reskinning and revamping Lync as Skype for Business – so are users satisfied with their experience? In a word: yes. In two words: yes…but.

A new study released today from Osterman Research and Unify Square, a unified comms vendor with a specific Redmond focus, finds more than half (52%) of...

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Microsoft rebrands EMS to become Enterprise Mobility + Security


It’s EMS, Jim, but not as we know it: Microsoft is rebranding its Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to become Enterprise Mobility + Security, in order to “more accurately communicate its value.”

The move was announced in a blog post from Andrew Conway, Microsoft senior director EMS product marketing. For existing EMS customers, the new product will become Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, with no changes, while a new, expanded version (E5) will be generally available...

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Office 365 turns five: A major footprint, but lots to do before we hit cloud utopia


This week has been a fascinating one for tech anniversaries. Nine years ago to this day, the first iPhone was released – a story of its own, of course – but perhaps as importantly for enterprise working, this week marks five years since the release of Office 365.

From relatively humble beginnings as cloud versions of various Microsoft on-premises services in 2011, the product has become the “bedrock” of Microsoft’s corporate strategy, according to David Lavenda,...

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Microsoft buying LinkedIn: A ‘treasure trove’ but tempered by the unknown


Yesterday, Microsoft announced its intent to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion (£18.4bn), the largest acquisition deal in the company’s history. Naturally, it did not go unnoticed in the tech press. The analysis from this publication focused on strengths, such as LinkedIn’s graphs and the various integrations with Office, Cortana and others that in theory sound exciting, as well as...

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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2bn: What are the next steps from here?


Microsoft has announced its intent to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion (£18.4bn), representing the biggest acquisition deal in the Redmond giant’s history.

The news, which has arrived a few hours before Apple’s WWDC jamboree in San Francisco, looks sure to have a disruptive effect on both companies, as well as combine two powerful ecosystems in enterprise, social, and mobile.

Microsoft was keen to stress that LinkedIn will retain its “brand and...

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Why the latest Citrix and Microsoft partnership adds to the enterprise mobile complexity

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Opinion The enterprise mobile industry has come an impressively long way over the past few years. From the rise of bring your own device, to the evolution from mobile device management to a more rounded enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, a huge amount of progress has been made.

But a fork in the road threatens to hamstring a lot of the good work thus far.

The AppConfig Community, an initiative spearheaded by EMM vendors IBM Maas360, JAMF Software, MobileIron, and VMware AirWatch...

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Microsoft’s ‘conversation as a platform’ vision underpins digital transformation future


Microsoft’s vision of enterprise mobility and how to improve employee engagement for digital transformation has long been mooted in this publication – yet at the Redmond giant’s Envision conference today, CEO Satya Nadella discussed themes taking the collaboration element a step further.

Building on the ‘conversation as a platform’ concept

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