6 ways you can win despite a failed SharePoint implementation

SharePoint, as a technology platform, isn't challenging. However, the SharePoint implementation is often where the problem lies.

SharePoint is not confined to be just useful at the moment, but it comes under more scrutiny than ever to improve productivity. SharePoint is going to trouble you for sure if infrastructure such as file storage can't support users.

We all know that SharePoint, if implemented properly, can turn out to be a successful and integral business platform for collaboration and...

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Windows XP support shutdown: The race against time for the enterprise

On April 8 2014 – exactly 210 days’ time – Microsoft will be putting Windows XP on its ‘end of life’ cycle.

This is not news in itself, yet with pressure ramping up against the near third of users still on the near 13-year-old desktop OS, the clock is ticking for enterprises unwilling to change.

Microsoft has put its cards on the table in this respect. A blog post last month...

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SAP HANA spurs innovation in SAP Labs India

Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Information Management

At its recent analyst conference in India, SAP provided details of its Indian operations, its experiences with domestic customers, and most interestingly a preview of SAP Labs India. This is its third-largest research and development (R&D) center in the world, after those in Germany and the US. It has historically focused on the less than glamorous assembly, validation, and test services, a familiar fate for most Indian development units. While the Indian...

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Splashtop CEO Mark Lee on how the PC is not going to die just yet

If you believe everything you read, the traditional desktop PC as we know it is not long for this earth.

Numbers continue to drop; last month Gartner and IDC reported that worldwide PC shipments have dropped by 11%, whilst in the UK this week, industry regulator Ofcom’s latest report revealed that smartphone and tablet penetration continues to rise at the behest of the desktop and laptop.

There’s continual...

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Microsoft expands and tightens self-service BI tool-belt

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information Management

Business intelligence (BI) end users are demanding self-service connectivity and access, and want to remove specialist tools and skills from the equation. At its recent Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced Power BI for Office 365, a new cloud-based self-service BI offering delivered through Excel and Office 365 that aims to do just that. By leveraging its dominant position on corporate desktops and its well-tuned strategy of providing commoditized,...

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Cortado courts Active Directory MDM with Corporate Server update

Mobile device management (MDM) is at an intriguing place. With bring your own device (BYOD) increasingly morphing into bring your own app (BYOA) for many companies, so MDM will in theory move towards mobile app management (MAM).

Yet Germany-based enterprise mobility provider Cortado may have put an interesting twist on this theory with the latest 6.5 iteration of its Corporate Server.

The solution’s USP is that it is the first MDM product based on Active Directory (AD), the Windows-based directory...

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Is Windows going to shake up the enterprise OS melting pot?

For future enterprise development projects, Windows is going to be challenging Apple, and lead Android. That’s the latest from a survey of over 100 mobile app dev professionals by enterprise BaaS provider AnyPresence.

Currently, of course, it’s a clear shootout between Android and iOS. Yet according to the report, both figures are going to drop for future mobile projects as enterprises explore other platforms, most notably HTML5 and a hybrid concoction.

Yet it’s the Windows figure which is...

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ALM vendors scramble to add support for Git

Distributed version control tools offer improved performance and better support for branching and merging changes over centralized tools. Git, an open source distributed version control tool, has overtaken other tools, and is now the most popular distributed version control system, with a strong community of users and contributors. This has led to a scramble among ALM tools vendors to add support for Git. Here we look at the support for Git offered by several ALM vendors: Microsoft, Atlassian, CollabNet, HP, and...

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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 raises Big and Fast Data stakes

Although Microsoft’s announcement of SQL Server 2014 carried few surprises, the upcoming release reaffirms the company’s decision to make the platform more scalable, extensible, and secure. Highlights included incorporation of previously announced technologies such as the Hekaton in-memory OLTP engine and the columnar indexes of the Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance, which are now available in the core platform. It is also boosting “always-on” integration and harmonization of tooling with the...

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Microsoft “company businesses can bet on” for enterprise IT

Microsoft’s TechEd North America event has gotten underway in New Orleans, with Brad Anderson, server and tools corporate VP, showing off the Redmond-based company’s enterprise portfolio and how organisations benefit.

Bearing in mind Gartner asserted earlier this year that Apple would be as accepted in enterprise IT as Microsoft by the end of the year, as well as the withering Forrester

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The Xbox One will broaden Microsoft’s use of gamification

Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software – IT SolutionsMicrosoft recently announced the successor to the Xbox 360 – the Xbox One. The event to announce the new console was heavily focused on the console’s enhanced media capabilities. The hardware revisions, coupled with some interesting patents raised by Microsoft, demonstrate the organization’s intentions for using game mechanics in contexts that extend far beyond just the games developed for the console. One intriguing possibility is...

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PC market continues to fall with tablets the future, says IDC

The International Data Center (IDC) has confirmed what the vast majority of enterprise analysts, bloggers and workers have known for a long time: PC shipments are declining at an alarming rate, with tablets expected to take over.

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to decrease by 7.8% in 2013 – from 148.3 million units sold by the end of 2012, to 134.4m by the end of this year, and a gloomy 123.9m sold by the end of 2017.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the trend is more pronounced in mature markets, with a...

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Pirates, prepare to be boarded by US entertainment malware

In the constant battle between illegal file sharers (pirates) and the entertainment industry supplying the protected digital materials, the pirates have been staying one step ahead – although the industry may soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal.



New regulations being pushed by the “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” could mean the industry could lawfully distribute malware to illegal file sharers.

The report is

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Windows 8 will be passed over as enterprise standard, warns researcher

According to the latest report from Forrester Research, enterprises will bypass Windows 8 as the enterprise PC OS of choice.

Avid readers of this site will not see this as a huge surprise; infact, Enterprise AppsTech reported Forrester’s – and specifically Johnson’s – opinion on the issue as far back as November.

Yet, with the report now released, it solidifies industry opinion – has Microsoft bitten off more than it...

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IE continues to be threatened as workplace browser of choice

A new report from Forrester Research, entitled ‘Navigating Diversity in Operating Systems and Browsers’, has cast more doubt on the future of Internet Explorer (IE) as the browser of choice in the workplace – and BYOD is at the heart of this paradigm shift.

To many Enterprise AppsTech readers looking around their office at the wide range of tablets and laptops, this may not be a surprising trend. But Forrester has officially shed further light on the issue.

“For both OSes and browsers,...

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Outlook good for Microsoft in the mobile enterprise wars

Recent research put out by the Aberdeen Group has shown how Microsoft products are dominating the rollouts for enterprise mobile app deployment in 2013.

In a blog post on the Aberdeen site, enterprise mobility and collaboration research director Andrew Borg likens the scenario to David and Goliath, with the key protagonists – Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft – switching roles with each new phone...

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Windows 8 Surface Pro: Is it the tablet to put your CIO’s BYOD concerns to rest?

By Brian Berger, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales

The much-anticipated Surface Pro launch was met with widespread shortages, with reports of long lines of would-be buyers in Seattle and Bellevue. Within a matter of hours, the 128 GB version had sold out online.

If these shortages are an accurate reflection of the demand Microsoft was hoping for, it’s just a matter of time before the first Surface Pros (and their kin) start appearing in your organisation.

And if you’re the CIO,...

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Win8 Surface Pro: The end of passwords?

By Edy Almer, VP of Business Development

Just recently, the email accounts of former U.S. president George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush and several other family members and friends were broken into, and private details exposed.

In the past three months, attacks against U.S. credit unions, many different companies, and the heightened prominence of phishing attempts should prompt IT departments to explore ways to more easily move their users into 'no more passwords' territory.

In the past,...

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Skewing the lines of the traditional OS

Mobility has brought us quite a few innovations that have made our lives easier and allowed us to perform many tasks more conveniently. That’s always a plus, but the sad truth is that mobility has also introduced more chaos and confusion into our lives as well.

Nowhere is the chaos and confusion more pronounced than in the area of Operating Systems. The OS determines quite a bit about what you can and can’t do and traditionally, most of the mobility world has focused on the “handheld”...

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