Windows 8 brings Security-by-Design to the mainstream

For some time, layering security software on top of a device has been the approach that thousands of enterprises (and software security providers) have relied on in their quest to protect information and evade network threats. It’s easy to see why – it’s the approach that’s been sold to them.

Yet, software security has never been the ‘one and only’ answer on its own. Hackers are clever people, with an increasingly sophisticated range of techniques to infiltrate the layers...

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How to make better apps for small to medium sized businesses

Entrepreneurs, one-man operations, small and medium sized businesses have been quick to embrace mobility because they all have one thing in common, flexibility.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have flexibility in the way they run their business, and the agility and adaptability to respond to market and technological changes.

According to research conducted in the third quarter of last year, over 90% of US small...

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Forrester predicts gloomy Windows 8 enterprise adoption

A blog post from Forrester analyst David Johnson has stated three primary reasons as to why Windows 8 is a potential risk in the enterprise.

Despite admitting that he thinks Windows 8 will become a “BYOD force for many organisations”, Johnson states the next 12 months are vital for adoption.

In terms of the workplace and IT decision makers, Johnson predicts the following:

  • Most workplaces are still...
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    SharePoint gets a bunch of new features, integrates Yammer

    Microsoft’s SharePoint conference is in full swing in Las Vegas, where the company has laid out future plans for the ecosystem, rolling the social functionality of recent acquisition Yammer into SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

    Microsoft bought the enterprise social collaboration platform earlier this year for $1.2bn, and plans to use elements of it to add social networking functionality to some of its main enterprise products.

    SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most popular business products ever....

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    Sencha predicts good Windows Phone 8 enterprise adoption

    A survey of over 1400 mobile executives from HTML5 developer Sencha has revealed that there will be “aggressive” adoption of Windows Phone 8 in the enterprise over the next 12 months.

    The upshot of all this is that employers would not be averse to using multiple operating systems in their organisation, thus exposing themselves to the security risks of BYOD.

    46% of companies polled said they were going to be supporting Windows Phone 8 within 12 months, which showcases the potential of the Microsoft...

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    Preview Skype app released for Windows Phone 8

    Following news that Microsoft intends to kill off its popular instant messaging service, Live Messenger, next year and fold users into Skype, the company has released an updated version of the Skype app for Windows Phone 8 users.

    MS cautioned that this preview release was a ‘work-in-progress, and some of the features may not yet work properly. However, the app shows how good a really well designed WP8 app can look, making full use...

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    Keeping Windows Phone 8 secure in the enterprise

    With the release of Windows Phone 8 last week, Microsoft attempts to ride the crest of a wave alongside the Windows 8 OS launch.

    For leading mobile device management (MDM) providers however, they were falling over themselves to announce their support and get their security software in place.

    It’s understandable, particularly as many believe there is potential for Windows Phone 8. But why?

    According to AirWatch, WP8 is a ‘game changer’ in enterprise...

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    10 CEO's express opinions on accessing corporate networks with iPad

    Last month we met with 10 CEO’s at a Vistage meeting to discuss how they're using iPads in their business. A key problem they all agreed on was accessing their corporate file servers from the iPad, so they can browse and update files.

    Cisco the most viable option?

    Businesses using Cisco found that AnyConnect is a pretty good solution. You can connect to your corporate network and browse documents and files. The general impression was that this was good, but the user experience...

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    Benioff: PCs are going down & they're taking Microsoft with them

    This month I attended Cloudforce in Stockholm and was absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of attendees, to be honest I think Salesforce may have been just as surprised. The event had around 250 attendees last year and had ballooned this year to about 1200.

    The reason I say Salesforce may have been taken by surprise is obvious when you saw attendees crammed into a tiny room. Clever marketing or over subscription I am not sure, either way it had...

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    What will Windows 8 mean for the enterprise?

    Enterprise AppsTech speaks to industry leaders and looks at the effect Windows 8 will have on the enterprise market

    With the launch of Windows 8 today, Microsoft will hope to capitalise on both the consumer and the enterprise markets, yet you’d be forgiven for thinking the prognosis isn’t entirely rosy.

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Microsoft’s official line concerning enterprise adoption is that there is a blur between the consumer and the enterprise which Windows 8 can take...

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    Here comes Windows 8: But are devices too expensive?

    A looming shadow of uncertainty has been cast on the market around the possible disruptive potential of Microsoft’s new mobile and tablet operating systems, causing brows to darken among Google and Apple chiefs, but are the new MS devices too expensive?

    Windows 8 officially goes on sale on 26 October with the launch of the Surface tablet, not to mention the host of additional devices running the OS from manufacturers like Levono, Dell and Acer, business leaders suddenly have an increased level of choice...

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    The real winner in the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit..? Microsoft!

    In the recent legal battles between Samsung and Apple it may seem hard to know who has the upper hand with Samsung victorious in Japan and Apple victorious in the US. What is undoubtedly true is that the case itself will have far reaching consequences for the world of enterprise mobility and application development in general. I would go further than that though and say that to me the...

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    Why enterprise app devs love iOS and flirt with Windows 8

    There’s been a significant shift in the attitude of enterprise app developers to the various competing app platforms, with iOS emerging as a clear favourite according to a new survey of over 3,600 devs.

    In this latest quarterly report from analysts IDC and mobile platform firm Appcelerator, researchers surveying Appcelerator’s Titanium developer community found that iOS beat Android in terms of developer interest by 53% to...

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    Why Windows Phone 8 breaks the backwards compatibility tradition

    Microsoft had always maintained backwards compatibility with most of their products. Compatibility has been one of the main reasons Windows has seen such great success, specifically backwards compatibility to systems such as MS-DOS. Even today you can get to a DOS prompt (command prompt) from Windows 7, this hasn’t changed for years and from a functionality point of view this is a bonus.

    The announcement of the new Windows Phone 8 (and previously Windows RT on which Windows Phone 8 is based) flew in the...

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    RIM "not in a death slide" - But what are its options?

    As RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins was forced to defend the ailing Blackberry maker once again this week, insisting the company was not in “in a death spiral”, it’s worth looking at some of the facts and asking, what’s next for RIM?

    Following a series of bungled product launches, the dire performance of the Blackberry Playbook, and the departure of the company’s formerly iconic co-CEO team, Heins may have expected a period of grace where people believed he might be able to turn...

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    It's Yammer time for Microsoft with latest buy

    Yammer, the social network which “brings the power of social networking to the enterprise”, has been bought by Microsoft for an estimated $1.2bn (£768m).

    The move comes as Microsoft tries to expand upon its complementary cloud services and, more importantly, fend off competition from Google for its influential Office products.

    The money involved is hefty, but small change compared to the $8.5bn (£5.4m) Microsoft shelled out for Skype last year.

    From Microsoft’s perspective, Yammer will be...

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    Can Microsoft's Surface tablet compete with the big boys?

    Following weeks of speculation and rumour, Microsoft launched its assault on the tablet market last night, unveiling a new range of Surface tablet devices in a move that constitutes a direct challenge to the dominance of the iPad.

    The 10.6 inch tablets, with a bigger display than the iPad, operate with a stylus input, and come with a range of magnetic 5-mm thick Touch Covers that act as kick stands and double as keyboards with built in track pads.

    The pressure...

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    Gloves off between Google and Nokia/Microsoft?

    Reports are surfacing that Google is unhappy with Microsoft and Nokia’s collaboration because they have transferred patents to a “troll” who makes money from patent lawsuits.

    Infact Google has sent an official complaint to the European Commission claiming that Nokia and Microsoft have put 1200 wireless patents in the hands of Canada-based “patent troll” MOSAID Technologies,

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    Will Nokia and Microsoft be able to beat the iPad?

    With Apple taking valuable PC, laptop and phone market share by side-stepping the competition and releasing devices that are quite new and different, as well as complete, it is no wonder we see a partnership being forged between Nokia and Microsoft.

    The goal? To produce great tablet and smartphone devices and, while they’re at it, take back some of that lost share from Apple. Nokia have announced that a Windows 8 Tablet device should be shipped around this coming Christmas.

    So, lets have a look at some...

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    Microsoft announces 3 new 'flavours' for Windows 8 OS

    Microsoft has announced it will release three new ‘flavours’ for its Windows 8 operating system.

    There will be two editions of the OS for PCs running x86 processors, named Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Mobile devices with ARM chips will be able to run ‘Windows RT’.

    Features on the new OS include an updated Windows Explore and Task Manager, and the ability to swap languages on the fly. The Pro version also offers encryption, virtualization and domain connectivity.

    Windows RT, previously...

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