Windows Mobile Marketplace to be discontinued in May

Microsoft has announced it plans to shut down its Windows Mobile app store, in order to concentrate on its Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Mobile phone users won’t be able to use the Marketplace to search or download apps to their devices from 9th May. The closure won’t affect users of the new Windows Phone OS.

Apps already downloaded from the Marketplace will continue to work, but they won’t be available to download again if apps are deleted from the device. Publishers may wish to offer...

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Patent goodwill? What the FRAND!?

At first glance it would appear that a trickle of goodwill had leaked into the ongoing technology patents battle currently raging around the world, with key players this week assuring industry regulators they will play fair over patents which are deemed “essential” to an industry standard.

Such essential patents cover industry standard setting technology like MP3, JPEG, 3G and GSM. If a company owning these patents were able to use the courts to prevent a competitor shipping products that...

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Touchless smartphones and TVs could be on sale in 2012

So you’ve lost your TV remote control. Again.

Not to worry, says a tiny Israeli start-up company called XTR3D – soon you’ll be able to flick through channels and adjust the volume using only… your hand.

You’ll just have to turn your palm towards the screen, and zap away without ever getting off the couch.

And no need for under-the-skin electronics or fancy microchips.

Instead, the TV – or rather gesture recognition software installed inside – will “read”...

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Microsoft releases OneNote as first Office iPad App

Microsoft’s versatile note-taking app OneNote is the first Office software to make its debut on the iPad.

Already out there as an iPhone app, the latest 1.3 update to OneNote turns it into a full-fledged iPad app able to take advantage of the tablet’s full-screen real estate.

Though it’s part of certain versions of Microsoft Office, OneNote is probably the least understood application in the midst of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

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Launching a Game App? Don’t Ignore Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, Microsoft launched the long-awaited Xbox UI upgrade – aka the “metro” interface – along with the Xbox Companion app. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here.

Anyway, it seems that the folks over at Windows Phone know a thing or two about their user base. Mainly, that they are more likely to download games than any other type of smartphone owner. Here’s one of a great series of infographics from...

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Microsoft's release of new app store tipped for next year

Microsoft is launching its own built-in software app store, with details to be revealed during an event in San Francisco today.

Known as the Windows Store, the marketplace will offer developers the opportunity to sell apps and create a landing page for their apps, enabling them to be found in the store.

It’s expected to launch next year after the new Windows 8 operating system goes on...

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Xbox live update shakes up home entertainment

Microsoft has partnered with 40 different content providers to deliver movies, TV, music and sport through apps on its Xbox consoles; aiming to shake up the home entertainment market with the latest iteration of its Xbox Live service.

The company is partnering with content providers including Amazon’s Love Film, ESPN, BBC, Netflix, BskyB and a host of others, providing content, many via apps installed on the Xbox console.

Microsoft is also launching the first mobile app ever to tie in directly to a...

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Windows Phone Marketplace gets 40,000 apps, but still plays catch up

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace now holds over 40,000 apps, with many coming from different publishers, according to unofficial figures.

Research by the blog, All About Windows Phone, found that 165 items are added to the app store on average each day. Around 68% of submissions were free apps, with 23% being paid. Only 9% were paid apps but with a free trial.

It’s estimated that the

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Android grabs over half of smartphone market share

The massive variety of phones offering Google’s operating software, plus a huge increase in global smartphone sales, have contributed to more than half of new devices being sold running Android, according to new figures from research firm Gartner.

Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, was released last month, aiming to deliver a consistent user experience across the many types of handset currently running the Android software.

Android’s market share has more than doubled in the last year, with the...

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Microsoft collects fees from over half of Chrome and Android manufacturers

Microsoft is collecting millions of dollars in patent licenses from Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) producing smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices running Android and Chrome.

Following a recent deal with the Taiwanese firm Compal Electronics, the tech giant now has more than half of the worldwide ODMs for Android and ChromeOS devices now paying it patent royalties. 

ODMs are manufactures that produce products for other firms to sell under their brand.

Compal Electronics, for instance, is...

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Google buys Motorola: Android licensees shout "EEK!"

In its largest ever acquisition, Google has announced that it will buy Motarola Mobility, the tech giant’s phone division, for a massive $12.5bn, launching the global search leader into the mobile handset market at mach 5 and surely shaking up the Android ecosystem almost beyond belief.

The deal is yet to win competition approval, which may not be entirely plain sailing, and brings Google into direct competition with the raft of handset manufacturers that licence the Android OS, providing the company...

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Microsoft announces WP7 App Hub updates

Microsoft has announced the rollout of the anticipated update for WP7 Apps Hub, providing developers with a number of new features and private distribution options.

The Hub has been updated with new markets, distribution options and enhanced apps and account management capabilities. "Today we are officially announcing the rollout of the new App Hub developer portal with key new functionality, multiple enhancements and support for several new markets," said the firm on its developer blog.


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WP7 Marketplace passes 25,000 apps

The number of apps available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now exceeds 25,000, according to WindowsPhoneAppList.

While this number is currently no challenge currently to the market leaders, it is impressive given that WP7 devices are still mostly in their infancy.

A new line of swanky Nokia Windows phones may still be over the horizon, but the fact that the platform appears to be gaining ground, however slowly, on the likes of Android and iOS may raise a few eyebrows.

Microsoft has been actively...

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