GamEffective raises $11 million in series B funding to help improve workplace learning

GamEffective, a New York and Israel-based productivity software provider, has raised $11 million in a series B round of funding to help grow its platform.

The round was led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), alongside existing investors 2B Angels, CE Ventures, Lipman, Chomski, Yaniv Tal and Eshbol among others, as well as new investor La Maison.

GamEffective’s modus operandi is around ‘engagement automation’. While gamification is an important part of how the company creates engagement...

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How gamification and automation can change your organisation’s cybersecurity stance

Gamification could be the key tool to instil a better cybersecurity posture in your organisation – with gamers potentially representing the next generation of threat hunters.

That is the primary finding from a new report by McAfee which polled 950 cybersecurity managers at organisations with 500 or more employees. The study, titled ‘Winning the Game’, argues popular security competition games, such as capture the flag, make sense from an inter-organisational perspective. Four in 10 companies...

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Taking a new innovative approach to BI – through natural language and notifications

In Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow, the best-selling book from Daniel Kahneman, the author argues that if the brain is confronted by something not immediately understood, it triggers a fight or flight response.

This isn’t meant to mean of course that in business, anyone asked a question or presented with a concept foreign to them will literally run out of the room at the first opportunity. But what it does mean is that they won’t have time – or want to spend the time – finding out about...

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Sapho’s micro app approach aims to keep it simple and social in enterprise app fight


Sapho, an enterprise mobility and micro app platform provider based in San Bruno, California, has an interesting story to tell.

Regular readers of this publication will already be aware of what they do, as well as being aware of the company’s recent membership of the AppConfig Community initiative. Yet if you dig a little deeper, Sapho’s model arguably makes them stand out in what is...

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GamEffective aims to change gamification by making people work smarter, not harder

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Gamification has long been seen as a method for improving enterprise productivity. Yet if anything has been learned over the past few years, it’s that it can’t just be tacked onto projects on its own.

GamEffective, an Israel-based software provider, aims to combine gamification and e-learning with its new release, gLearn. The product enables learning materials to be delivered to users in ‘micro-chunks’ based on how employees are performing, and allows...

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GamEffective raises $7m to rethink enterprise gamification

Picture credit: GamEffective/YouTube

Israeli enterprise gamification software provider GamEffective has successfully closed a $7 million (£5.2m) funding round, aiming to use the capital to develop its sales, marketing, and research efforts.

The company, based in North Carolina and Ra’anana, Israel, provides software for mobile, desktop, and TV which integrates with traditional enterprise applications and focuses on “basic human motivations...

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Enterprise gamification: Are we looking at it from the wrong angle?


Gamification in the enterprise has been long considered. Yet given the average millennial spends 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21, and as the millennial workforce continues to grow, the potential remains to improve employee productivity.

Plenty of companies in the space have been wallowing in VC funding to achieve this. Thailand-based startup Playbasis received $1.8 million in a series A round earlier this week, while in April GamEffective pulled in $3 million in a series A.


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The gaming generation at work: Why gamification makes sense


Gamification has always been a divisive topic in business. Articles declaring the death of gamification are regularly followed by articles proclaiming it has magical powers. As always, the truth is somewhere in-between. For businesses with a large portion of millennial staff in the workforce, gamification remains an incredibly powerful tool when correctly employed.

The average millennial spends 10,000 hours gaming by the time they turn 21; game-like processes and applications are second...

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This gamification app aims to give employees a timely nudge to improve performance

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

Customer experience firm SPLICE Software has released the latest version of its Mobile Leaderboard app, a gamification tool that advocates improved performance through “friendly competition between employees.”

“When you engage your employees with real-time visibility into who’s leading and who’s lagging, people up their game pretty fast!” said Tara Kelly, CEO and president of SPLICE. “With more engaged employees, more customer data is...

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This Finnish startup aims to add some fun to enterprise gamification

Meet Wimble. This Finland-based firm has a gamification tool that will be released on Android in October – and they’re trying to Indiegogo their way to $20,000 in two weeks so they can super-charge their launch on iOS.

The firm’s ethos is simple: making time management more productive, social and, most important, fun.

“We believe encouragement, social relationships and motivation plays [a] huge role in our...

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Sticky not tricky: How to get stickiness in enterprise apps

In many recent technology success stories a key component is the “stickiness factor”. These super sticky websites and applications grew their user base virally and exponentially. If you haven’t caught on yet don’t worry the concept itself isn’t tricky. In this context sticky describes when users stay longer, and keep returning to use software. In the case of the web, the browser’s homepage (and to a lesser degree favourites) helps a site to be sticky. Increasingly however mobile applications with their installation process,...

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100 ideas that changed the Web: Gamification

Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

More than 5,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians played a board game called Senet. The object was to race your opponent along an S-shaped path to the final square of a rectangular board. Winners could look forward to a glorious afterlife. Losers had better keep practising.

The outcomes of today’s games are not quite as important, but whether they are played on a park, on a board or online, the fundamental motivation remains the same:...

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Why gamification makes onboarding more effective

A guest post from Christopher Herbert at Technology Advice

Onboarding is more than just hiring people, and more than just increasing company output. Each new hire instantly becomes a participant in, and contributor to, company culture, and each new hire must become sufficiently engaged in their new job in order to reach peak productivity. If they fail to assimilate properly into the company culture, then every other employee will be affected, and you’re likely to

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Introducing...the lightweight gamification model

I am introducing a new model called ‘lightweight gamification’ which is targeted at individuals and SMEs who want to run gamified programs but don’t have the time and resources needed to think through, build and roll out a heavyweight gamification program.

Lightweight Gamification focuses attention on the following four key rules:

  • Design for feedback not reward
  • Focus on the player’s personal journey
  • Prioritise implicitly tracked metrics
  • Throttle the feedback to sustain engagement
  • It is...

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    Gamification can benefit the IT service desk in many ways

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst

    Enterprise gamification continues to garner a lot of attention, and the increased understanding of how the practice and its supporting technologies can and are delivering real organizational benefits is encouraging.

    In the context of IT service management, the IT service desk is often identified as a function that can benefit from the use of gamification, and new technological capabilities are being introduced by leading ITSM vendors that can help service desks realize new...

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    BMC adds Bunchball gamification to Remedyforce

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Software Solutions

    At Dreamforce 2013 BMC Software and gamification vendor Bunchball announced a strategic partnership that will see the Bunchball Nitro gamification platform integrated with the BMC Remedyforce IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

    This partnership is further evidence of Bunchball’s relevance to multiple use cases within the enterprise, and will help raise the company’s profile. For BMC, the integration of Nitro 5.0 with its proven gamification...

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    How gamification success is realised by focusing beyond the superficial

    Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, Ovum

    In researching Ovum’s upcoming IT Service Management Trends to Watch for 2014, it has become very apparent that gamification is viewed and leveraged by many vendors, both within and beyond the ITSM space, as an important and emerging performance management functionality. The application of game mechanics and game theory to traditionally non-game contexts has increased significantly throughout 2013, and enterprise gamification is one of the key reasons for this growth. In the consumer...

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