Lessons from LinkedIn’s new mobile launch

For many brands, mobile is all they know. Their stories begin and end in the various app stores. For other brands, mobile is the great unknown. Their stories begin on the desktop and in web browsers.

A great example of the former is LinkedIn, who late last month launched a new mobile platform for iOS and Android users, complete with a brand new client-side user interface, back-end services, and a savvy new “recommendation feature.”

The decision to focus on mobile development rather than desktop...

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To infinity and beyond: Extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall - part two

In the first instalment of this article (published 25 July 2014) Peter Moskovits discussed why there is no longer anything stopping us from using the existing Web infrastructure to make messaging and all manner of enterprise data more easily and more securely available to Web and mobile clients. This breakthrough follows the introduction of the WebSocket full duplex, low overhead transport protocol which makes...

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To infinity and beyond: Extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall

Finally there’s a way of extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall onto Web-enabled devices, explains Peter Moskovits, KAAZING Corporation

As our reliance on the Web has spiralled in the past decade, with demands and expectations that were unimaginable 15 or more years ago, the compromises we were prepared to make in the early years in terms of the richness of web applications and the level of interactivity possible have come back to haunt us. What was so exciting and liberating back then from...

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3 extra tips for creating a useful and successful enterprise app

Matt Hunt, business development manager at enterprise app developer Apadmi, recently weighed in on how to develop a successful enterprise app. And you know what? We really liked his list of ten tips for creating a useful and successful enterprise app.

In his list, Hunt covered (nearly) all the right things: everything from defining the purpose of the app to...

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Never mind BYOA, is DYOA the way forward?

Never mind bring your own app (BYOA) – the trend of develop your own app (DYOA) is gaining prominence, according to the latest survey results from Progress Software.

According to survey figures released at Cloud World Forum last week, 85% of respondents admit there is demand within their organisation to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy applications.

The research, of 700 IT decision makers across four continents, found that seven in 10 (70%) are already using PaaS in application development...

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Salesforce.com makes bet on wearables for the enterprise

Salesforce.com has dipped its toes into the murky waters of wearable technology with the announcement of Salesforce Wear, aimed at developers who want to design and build wearable apps quickly.

The cloudy company has various partners in tow for this initiative, including ARM, Fitbit, Google Glass, Pebble, Philips and Samsung – a smorgasbord of wearable tech players.

Wearables are the next phase of the mobile revolution,” said Salesforce.com...

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Opinion: Windows 8(.1) is the Enterprise OS

Research from IDC in February revealed that 35% of devices in-use by UK businesses runs Android, whilst 32% use Apple’s competing iOS platform. The results make it clear that businesses and their employees are indecisive about which platform they should use for their day-to-day operations.

Mobile, in particular, is a big opportunity which Microsoft has prepared for through utilising the company’s vast experience in the enterprise to know what businesses required. The company tweaked and bolstered...

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Mubaloo argues the "massive opportunity" for beacons in the enterprise

Beacons will be a huge hit in the enterprise space for both security and productivity, according to Mubaloo’s London managing director Sarah Weller.

Mubaloo is betting on beacons as part of its product portfolio, with six months’ development resulting in rolling out to live business scenarios through its MiBeacons division.

And Weller describes the potential for the enterprise as a “massive opportunity.”

“We’re seeing an awful lot of use cases depending on the...

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The essential elements of a great enterprise mobile app

Mobile devices, whether you’re talking about smart phones, tablets, or other form factors, present unique development and design challenges. The kind of information, the actions you can take, the way the interface looks and works, needs to be fundamentally different in a mobile environment.

Which is why we’ve identified what we believe are ten essential elements that can help you create more than just a good business app, but a great enterprise mobile app. An app that solves real business problems...

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What are the six key areas for enterprise mobile architects in 2014?

A report published today by enterprise software provider Verivo has revealed the six big considerations enterprise architects need to take into account when developing apps.

The survey, which was conducted in the first quarter of this year and spoke with enterprise architects at Global 2000 companies, came to the conclusion that the enterprise mobility space is growing and, as a result, influencing what architects and developers are doing.

The report’s advice was part pragmatism, part common sense:

  • Leverage data...
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    How CxOs can transition their enterprises to be agile

    Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Infrastructure Solutions

    Agile and lean thinking is now practiced in the mainstream business, beyond the IT department. Agile business processes typically replace legacy waterfall ones, which are characterized by too much up-front effort, long delivery times, and disappointing outcomes. Agility in the business has the benefit of “failing fast,” which means gaining feedback through incremental delivery and being able to steer away from problems quickly, at...

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    Citizen developers and the future of enterprise applications

    In 2011, market research firm Gartner came up with a prediction that by 2014 at least 25% of enterprise applications would be built by citizen developers. For the study, Gartner defined citizen developer as an end user (employee or business stake holder) who builds applications for consumption by themselves and other fellow end users using company sanctioned resources.

    So did Gartner turn out right with their prediction? While the jury is still out on the growth of the...

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    Why you need to eliminate innovation rot and crush the app backlog

    The demands for new apps, both customer and employee facing, are at an all time high. IT and app backlogs are worse than ever. Innovation rot can infest your organisation. Here’s how to clear through the disinfest of your business.

    It’s been more than a decade since Nick Carr published his then provocative and hotly debated piece IT Doesn't Matter in the Harvard Business Review. The article argued that enterprises were spending too much on IT and...

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    Why are platforms the future for mobile app development?

    Over the last six months I met with a wide range of customers and prospects in order to understand how they understand enterprise mobility, and especially to see whether they see it as a business opportunity or just another piece of technology. It’s no secret that the past few years have seen a debate between two paradigms: whether to write specific code for different devices, or to take a wider approach.

    The rapid advances in mobile technology have led to a world where there is no single accepted approach, but...

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    Where is the Shazam for enterprise mobile apps?

    Quinton Wall is director of technical platform marketing for Salesforce.com. Reach him @quintonwall.

    Music is a big part of my life. I own too many guitars for my own good, and love discovering new music.

    One of my favourite apps for discovery is Shazam. With so much focus on how to build amazing mobile apps it’s really hard to go past Shazam. As we see the demand for enterprise mobile apps to continue to accelerate, I can’t help but ask: Where’s the...

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    The best way to measure the ROI of your enterprise mobile app

    Despite the increasing interest in mobile apps at the enterprise level, we’ve realized something interesting in our time within the industry: many companies have no idea what it costs to create and support an app (for the record, from development, to testing, to support, an app could cost in the ballpark of $50-100 thousand over its lifetime).

    And yet, we know that every business decision is based on ROI (or if it isn’t, it should be). Companies are for-profit, and their decisions should always be...

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    Why every business is an API business

    By Adam Spearing, AVP, Platform EMEA, salesforce.com

    As all devices become more intelligent and connected, there’s a wave of consumer-driven APIs changing how we interact with everything.

    For the first time applications are truly being set free: They are being untethered through mobility. They’re being unleashed through ever-present wireless broadband. They’re being liberated through powerful, consumer-driven APIs. And they’re also becoming ubiquitous and placed within almost every...

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    How (not) to screw up your enterprise mobile app

    Quinton Wall, Director, Platform Technology, Salesforce.com; @quintonwall

    Consider these three wrong ways to develop enterprise apps - and avoid them

    Most enterprise mobile apps have a long way to go before they can be considered great mobile apps. Unfortunately, apps often fail for the same reasons over and over, with organisations neglecting to see the problems before it's too late. Soon, user adoption plummets, shadow apps (those not approved by IT) become commonplace and your...

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