Merchant sales reporting added to Android Market

Google has added merchant sales reporting to its Android Market, enabling developers to access monthly reports detailing the financial performance of their apps.

Hosted in the Android Market Developer Console, the new reporting functionality will provide analysis of data from Google Checkout, including details of each application sale, device type, sale currency and conversion rate, allowing developers to better manage their pricing schemes.

Reports will be hosted within the Developer Console as well as being...

By Matthew Henkes, 03 May 2011, 0 comments. Categories: Development, Enterprise App Stores, Mobile.

Apple iOS still favourite for developers

Despite headlines stating that Android has overtaken iOS as the best selling smartphone phone platform, it would seem that developers are holding on to their preference for Apple’s platform.

Research from Appcelerator, who interviewed almost 3000 developers, cited fragmentation and slow growth of the Android platform as a major reason for opting for iOS.

Distribution over so many different types of devices makes Android marginally less attractive to developers, the report suggested. The differing device...

By Matthew Henkes, 28 April 2011, 1 comment. Categories: Development.

Android Market to overtake Apple App Store

The Android app store has more free apps and will soon be larger than Apple’s, according to a report from app store analyst Distimo.

Apple’s store has led the field since its inception in 2008, offering thousands more applications than any of its competitors, but that could all come to an end if growth trends continue.

Google Android Market will overtake its key rival in just five months if this happens, said the report, with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace growing to become the...

By Matthew Henkes, 28 April 2011, 0 comments. Categories: Development, Enterprise App Stores, Mobile.