Ovum notes uncertainty over HTML5, hybrid or native in enterprise mobile app development


Enterprises are prioritising mobile apps over all other app development requirements, but they’re still uncertain over which way to go about it, according to a paper from Ovum.

The analyst house, in its report “Selecting a Mobile App Development Platform Solution, 2015-16”, argues the choice between HTML5, native or app development “refuses to be resolved.” Pure-play mobile app development platform (MADP) vendors are theoretically struggling against...

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Reddo Mobility snaffles $4.25m in funding, utilises HTML5 to mobilise desktop apps

Picture credit: Reddo Mobility

Meet Reddo Mobility. The Massachusetts-based firm, which launched in September, has announced $4.25m (£2.82m) in funding for its solution which ports virtualised Windows desktop apps to mobile devices through its HTML5-powered mobile experience virtualisation technology.

It’s a fascinating way to address the problem of creating lumbering, data intensive enterprise apps on mobile. The Reddo user experience connector, connected to a user’s desktop, intercepts the...

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To infinity and beyond: Extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall - part two

In the first instalment of this article (published 25 July 2014) Peter Moskovits discussed why there is no longer anything stopping us from using the existing Web infrastructure to make messaging and all manner of enterprise data more easily and more securely available to Web and mobile clients. This breakthrough follows the introduction of the WebSocket full duplex, low overhead transport protocol which makes...

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To infinity and beyond: Extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall

Finally there’s a way of extending enterprise systems beyond the firewall onto Web-enabled devices, explains Peter Moskovits, KAAZING Corporation

As our reliance on the Web has spiralled in the past decade, with demands and expectations that were unimaginable 15 or more years ago, the compromises we were prepared to make in the early years in terms of the richness of web applications and the level of interactivity possible have come back to haunt us. What was so exciting and liberating back then from...

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HP looks to HTML5 to drive BYOD with enterprise app store

Hewlett-Packard has announced the launch of the HP Access Catalog, an enterprise app store which aims to “transform the way enterprises deliver services to the mobile workforce.”

The store leverages HTML5 technology and is integrated with the SAML 2.0 language to add security as well as cross-platform flexibility.

Dragan Milanovich, VP of HP Web Services, explained to Enterprise AppsTech the grouping technology of SAML which allows certain employees on certain devices to see content.


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HTML5 for enterprise: Confusion the biggest barrier #AppsWorld

For enterprise application development, choosing to write in HTML5 is an extremely big call to make. And, according to an expert panel at Apps World Europe, there’s still some way to go before the open standard is ready for the enterprise.

Martin Beeby, developer evangelist at Microsoft, argues that further clarification on HTML5 and JavaScript is needed for the enterprise customer base.

“The overwhelming perception I get from customers is utter confusion about what they’re doing,” he...

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HTML5 and BYOD: How Apple drives enterprises to bring change with iOS 7

The enterprise is the place where ‘mobility’ is in full swing. With iOS 7, enterprise IT groups need to ensure if the new version improves its fit for business users.

Since iOS 7’s enhancements are aimed squarely at enterprises, developers need to put more efforts in their day-to-day jobs. Apple apparently dominates in the enterprise at the app level and this is what enterprise IT staff need to take into account in order to capitalize the mobility. The magnitude and opportunity of iOS 7 will result in some major changes. Regardless of...

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HTML5 and why IT often leaves the end user naked

Mary Brittain White, CEO of Retriever Communications, discusses IT's default to choosing HTML5 formatting when developing enterprise applications and how it ultimately, it is hurting the end-user.

History is littered with technologies that are hyped by IT as the next major wave with fabulous capabilities. They burn brightly for a few years until their lacklustre performance becomes common conversation in the market. Their enduring legacy is the end user saddled with a poor solution having a heightened...

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Mobile app development takes centre stage as BYOD adoption increases

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Solutions GroupBring-your-own-device (BYOD) adoption and mobile-first initiatives are changing the patterns in enterprise application development, with the balance between BYOD inhibitors and accelerators swinging to the latter. This shift to mobile, enabling enterprises to harness the fast pace of technological progress in consumer electronics, has profound implications for the application development community, with enterprise mobile app development taking centre stage. Mobility has...

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Is 2013 ready for HTML5?

Sometimes it takes a while for something really good to catch on. Take for example the critically acclaimed TV show Arrested Development. This show was filled with a great cast, good writing, was smart and was funny. The critics loved it but the American public, hmm not so much. Maybe it was the lack of laugh tracks, or people just didn’t want to have to think about their comedy, regardless the show was dropped from...

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MicroStrategy explores mobile opportunities beyond its BI bread and butter

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information ManagmentAt the recent MicroStrategy World event in Las Vegas, mobility stood out as an area of significant development. While the company continues to make its mark in the mobile BI space with intuitive and consumer-like solutions for iOS and Android devices, it became clear at the conference that MicroStrategy is increasingly veering outside the BI realm and is exploring opportunities with products in mobile application development, e-commerce, and mobile identity...

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QlikTech targets bigger enterprise deployments

By Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information ManagementQlikTech has started to unveil the next generation of its QlikView self-service business intelligence (BI) product. The release represents a big step in QlikTech’s evolution from a desktop-based departmental solution to an enterprise BI solutions provider. Clearly QlikTech is raising its sights and is targeting larger enterprise deployments. But it will face stiff competition in this segment, which makes it imperative to emphasise its key differentiator...

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What needs to be addressed to make HTML5 enterprise-ready?

There has been continued discussion around the relative merits and drawbacks of HTML5 in recent months with public comments from industry figures on their development strategies. 

As recently as last month, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the ‘biggest strategic mistake we’ve ever made’ was depending too heavily on HTML5 - a refreshingly candid assessment of their open web standards strategy. 

Whilst Zuckerberg isn't anti...

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What are the key issues for successful B2E app projects?

With consumer apps increasingly raising the bar in terms of design and user experience, a new report has revealed that delivering high quality user experiences is one of the key aspects of business’ enterprise app wish list.

A report from MGI Research, sponsored by the app developer Kony Solutions, revealed that around 64% of businesses surveyed were planning to deploy new business-to-employee (B2E) apps as a way to bolster their competitive advantage and increase customer engagement, brand value and...

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Is App Center Facebook's power play into mobile web?

Facebook’s flirtations with the world of social mobile web stepped up a gear this week with the launch of its own app store, offering tasty promotional opportunities for developers, but scant money making opportunity for the soon-to-be-public social networking behemoth; though perhaps a pathway to future riches.

The App Center, as it will be called, will list social apps that utilise the social network’s own login feature, listing iOS and...

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Mozilla smartphone to go on sale in ‘late 2012?

Mobile phones running an operating system developed by makers of the Firefox web browser will go on sale in late 2012.

The first handsets running Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko” (B2G) software will be available in Brazil on Telefonica Vivo’s mobile network.

Brazilian tech blog Ztop broke the news but had no details about which firm will make the handsets.

Announced in July 2011, B2G aims...

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - Square and NFC

Trend #2: Square and Near Field Communications

This is the second article in an eight part series of Jay Shapiro’s “Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing” - you can find Part One, here.


If you’re going to market products and services through your mobile app, or channels that significantly involve social media and mobile platforms, it only makes sense that you...

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - HTML5

Some people might say that it’s slightly odd to kick off a brand new column with a personal confession. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to have this new column on AppsTech, and if you’ll stick with it I think you’ll find that I’ll always write thoughtful, zero-BS columns for you.

But first the confession: I’m one of those hopeless geeks that doesn’t really sleep. Don’t know why, but for years I’ve spent many, many late nights working &...

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#MWC12 Round Up So Far

With Mobile World Congress kicking off to a great start, announcements of new products, services and partnerships have been spreading around the Fira Montjüic complex like wild fire. Here´s a quick round up of the big news that has hit Barcelona so far...

Facebook to aid mobile web standards

Facebook has announced it is working on some mobile web initiatives, including

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Do consumers need a new web app icon?

As we are told we near the day when mobile data speeds begin to rival our home broadband performance, web apps become an increasingly viable option.

With some of the key players like Google, Apple and Adobe piling resources into the development of HTML5, the proliferation of web apps is hotly tipped to be one of the stories of 2012.

However, we’re still not yet in a world were a web app will generally perform with the same level of deeply integrated usability that a native app can offer users. So app...

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