Two in three enterprises are not prepared for “as a service” economy

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Almost half of enterprise service buyers polled by HfS Research say their core enterprise processes will be delivered ‘as a service’ within five years, while almost one in 10 (9%) believe it will never happen.

The report, sponsored by Accenture and titled “Beware of the Smoke, Your Platform is Burning”, asserts the ways enterprises buy and receive services will undergo unprecedented change – but as one would expect, the pace of change is on the glacial...

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Why it’s still too easy for ex-employees to access confidential corporate data


While effective onboarding is vital to keep business continuity going when a new employee arrives, it’s just as important to offboard them quickly when they leave. Surprisingly however, many businesses are not doing this fast enough.

New research from identity provider Centrify has shown a split right down the middle. 49% of respondents say ex-employees and third parties are offboarded the day they leave, while more than half admitted it can take up to a week or more to remove...

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A glimpse into the future, Samsung style: How the office of 2025 might look

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A new report from Samsung argues the office of 2025 will include a move towards ‘creative villages’ rather than remote working, as well as smart technology which turns employees into super-productive machines by eradicating the irrelevant email blitz.

The report, the first to be released as part of Samsung’s Smarter Futures series, goes against the grain of remote working or hotdesking as the future of the office. At its nub, the theory argues the future office...

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Avoid cyber security fears by assessing employee working habits, exec argues


Ask any C-level executive about their cyber security strategy, and you’ll most likely get a plethora of different answers. It’s becoming more and more apparent that a company’s employees are as big a risk as outside threats; one survey found some workers would sell their own password for the right price, while another argued the millennial workforce would inevitably have

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Can employees be incentivised to create stronger passwords?


Updated Research continues to show the struggle of the password in keeping enterprise security. But is there a solution to keep employees – and employers – in shape?

In June, survey data from Centrify found that one in three admitted suffering from ‘password rage’ – one in six were so frustrated they screamed or shouted in the office, while one in seven admit they tear a strip off...

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For DevOps, companies are keen to promise benefits – but the message isn’t through yet


DevOps: you’ve almost certainly heard of it, you may or may not know what it is, but either way it appears to be on its way. Some analysts preach about DevOps unabated; IDC argued in a recent thought piece how organisations deploying enterprise mobility and cloud computing solutions will profit by driving together collaboration across key business stakeholders.

Yet the truth is a little less clear cut....

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Enterprise gamification: Are we looking at it from the wrong angle?


Gamification in the enterprise has been long considered. Yet given the average millennial spends 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21, and as the millennial workforce continues to grow, the potential remains to improve employee productivity.

Plenty of companies in the space have been wallowing in VC funding to achieve this. Thailand-based startup Playbasis received $1.8 million in a series A round earlier this week, while in April GamEffective pulled in $3 million in a series A.


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The constantly connected employee: How generation mobile impacts productivity


Ever since the 1990s, when virtualisation technology emerged which allowed employees to access emails outside of the work computer, the ‘9 to 5’ balance has been slowly shifting. With mobile devices an ever-integral part of working life, the tipping point has finally arrived.

A survey of more than 1000 employees from unified communications as a service provider ThinkingPhones has revealed the latest workforce habits when asking the question: does the workday ever really...

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Research report reveals laissez-faire attitude to cyber risk by enterprise

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Does your organisation have a complete understanding of cyber risks? If you answered yes to that question, then you’re in limited company. According to Marsh’s latest cyber risk survey report, the number of UK companies who are fully confident in their cyber security operations is less than one in five (18%) – down on last year.

More than half (52%) of those polled said they had a ‘basic’ understanding of their business’ exposure to cyber risk,...

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How enterprises need to invest in mobile to get the best out of its millennial workforce

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Today, one in three of all employees are millennials – born between 1982 and 1994. By 2025, that age and beyond will represent 75% of the overall workforce. Enterprises need to recognise this by investing in mobile, as a new research study from IDG and Randstad Technologies shows.

The research shows that, according to 70% of respondents, mobility is the highest priority technology to support the changing workforce needs. More than three quarters (78%) of IT leaders have seen...

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MobileIron’s latest announcements: Android for Work, admin strength and employee privacy


All things considered, it’s been a pretty good week for enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron. The Mountain View-based firm was named a leader for the fifth consecutive year by Gartner in its recently published EMM Magic Quadrant, and its Mobile First Conference, in San Francisco, saw a plethora of news and product releases.

Nick McQuire, VP enterprise research...

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Do you suffer from password rage? If you do, you’re not alone


A survey from identity management provider Centrify has revealed the extent of employees’ frustrations when trying to remember passwords for multiple work accounts.

One in three (33%) survey respondents admitted they suffered from ‘password rage’, with one in six saying they scream or shout in the office and one in seven admitting they tear a strip off their colleagues in frustration. 2% of those polled said they slink off to the pub because their grievances...

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Report bemoans 'inevitable' nature of cyber attacks - so what can you do to stop them?


Organisations are moving away from the traditional 'prevent and protect' approach to cyber security to a more fluid 'detect and respond' scenario because cyber attacks are 'inevitable'.

That's the key finding from a new report by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). The study, which gathered 200 respondents based in the UK, France and Germany, found firms currently spend 77% of their security budget on the...

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Investing in mobile? Capture your customers with a robust mobile strategy

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Many financial services organisations have recognised that mobility is essential to better engage and meet their clients’ needs, particularly the younger generation.

Compared to other sectors, the global financial services industry has been at the forefront of mobile adoption. Research shows that mobile banking is growing at a fast pace, it is predicted that 1.75 billion mobile phone users will have used their devices for banking purposes by the end of 2019, compared to...

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Apperian research details growing importance of internally created mobile apps


While enterprise app adoption continues to grow, internally-created apps grow faster. That’s the primary finding from mobile application management (MAM) provider Apperian in its latest enterprise mobility report.

The research, of more than 300 mobility and IT professionals, saw productivity apps ranked as those with the greatest impact on ROI, followed by field service apps, selling tools, HR and travel apps. Nearly half (47%) of respondents said they were investing in apps that...

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Employees own up to watching porn on work devices, research finds


One in 10 employees in the UK has admitted to watching pornography on a work device, a new study reveals.

It’s long been the same old story; employees’ actions on mobile devices are a threat to their employers. Previously, it was assumed that they weren’t aware of the risks. Increasingly however, employees are aware of cyber threats – yet many carry on regardless.

The findings of a new survey, from Blue Coat in conjunction with Vanson Bourne, confirm this...

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Is an agile culture just for the tech elite?

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Agile projects are highly collaborative and involve constant feedback in tight cycles. This allows user expectations to be met while not wasting time on mere nice-to-have features or extra effort that doesn’t impact the business, but unfortunately we’re constantly hearing that it only works if your team is packed with top performers.

Is it true? Are the benefits of Agile reserved only for a tech elite, with the rest of us doomed to non-

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How to educate your workforce on corporate mobile policies


Mobility can be an empowering tool for any workforce. It allows for companies to simultaneously drive down costs while increasing transactional volume and employee efficiencies. Mobility can be the perfect storm for business. However, it can also introduce downsides that, if not defended against and mitigated, can end up costing you everything – time, money and your most valuable asset, employees.

With so much at risk, it is easy for the security-minded mobile policy maker to...

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Employee sues firm after dismissal following removal of 24/7 tracking app

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A woman in California is suing her employer after she was allegedly fired for turning off a work app that tracked its employees’ movements round the clock.

Myrna Arias is seeking damages in excess of $500,000 and claims invasion of privacy, retaliation, and unfair business practices among others, as reported by Ars Technica.

She was hired as a sales executive and account manager at money...

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Highs and lows in MobileIron’s financial results, but a changing strategy is afoot


Enterprise mobility management provider MobileIron has announced financial results for the fiscal quarter ended March 31, with GAAP revenue up 19% but billings of $36.4m, lower than expected guidance of $40m-$42m despite a 20% uptick.

CEO Bob Tinker, speaking to analysts in a conference call, said: “I am personally disappointed in how the company performed during the quarter, and as CEO, I take full responsibility.” He added: “I am not happy that we missed...

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