Don't look below for the application threats to your network

Graduates, first jobbers and those in the early stages of their career are often the first to find the finger pointed at them from on high when threats are identified on the corporate network.

As the face of ‘Generation Y’, they’re seen as the digital natives who disregard the potential for threats, damage and data leakage, and the IT department keeps a watchful eye on their behaviour.

However, research from Easynet has unearthed startling figures that show the IT Director need not be...

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RIM takes a hit in the enterprise, says iPass

The iPass Q4 Mobile Workforce Report has just been released and reveals that BlackBerry is no longer in the top two devices used in the enterprise.

The research, which garnered responses from workers at over 1,100 enterprises, found that just over a quarter (26%) of mobile workers use BlackBerry devices, compared to just over half (53%) who use iPhones and a third (34%) who use Android smartphones.

BlackBerry went down from 32% market share in 2011 to 26% this time round, with Android overtaking the RIM...

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Why people wish they worked in the tech sector

Over a quarter of adults wish they had pursued a career in technology as the sector is perceived to offer greater earning potential and more job opportunities.

Last month we wrote about a widening skills gap in the mobile enterprise sector, and recent research from suggests that people working in other sectors see tech as an aspirational career option offering greater intellectual challenges.

Almost a third said that they wished they...

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Are you a mobile worker superhero? [infographic]

There’s a new kind of superhero making its way around – and no, not the superheroes and wonderwomen you’ll see out trick-or-treating.

As explained by Neha Prakash of Mashable the workplace is being taken over by a new breed of “elite” workers who use mobile apps to increase business productivity:

“Unisys did a research project with Forrester Consulting, conducting surveys with more than...

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Why enterprise Wi-Fi is more critical than ever

By Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Practice, Ovum

In October 2012 Ovum attended MobileCon (the former CTIA Enterprise conference) and received briefings from a number of US wireless operators, device manufacturers, and mobile management vendors. These suppliers noted the increasing demand for and use of enterprise Wi-Fi and stressed the importance of their being able to design, build, and manage enterprise Wi-Fi services, and integrate them into other networks (mobile, LAN, wireline) within the...

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SANS: Mobile workplace policy doesn’t correspond with the facts

A new piece of research has found that while the vast majority of organisations feel a BYOD and mobile policy is vital, nearly two in five don’t have formal BYOD provisions in place.

The survey by SANS on mobility, BYOD security policies and practices, looked at various aspects of mobile policy, including important drivers for implementing a mobile policy, the importance of security in a mobile framework, and how confident companies...

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One in three people has lost a device, claims Sophos

36% of respondents had lost an electronic device in a public place, with many of those potentially containing sensitive company data – is this surely bad news for anyone hoping to implement a BYOD policy?

A recent study, conducted by TNS Omnibus on behalf of security firm Sophos, has revealed that 36% of respondents had lost a device in a public place, and of those, 42% had no active security measures.

The UK-based survey, of 1008 consumers between the ages of 16-64, revealed that work email addresses...

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Mobile strategy jobs boom reveals US & UK skills gap

A new report has hinted at a sharp increase in mobile specific job roles among US and UK enterprises, highlighting a new skills gap and bucking gloomy employment trends across both countries.

Over half of enterprises in the US and UK have created mobile specific roles, according to research from Antenna Software, with a fifth of companies planning to create at least one or two new mobile roles in the next year.

The figures highlight the growing skills shortage, and constitute a strengthening field of...

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BYOD opinion still fiercely divided, says latest survey

UK study shows a surprising lack of BYOD take-up, but staff happiness cited as primary reason for those who take the plunge

A recent piece of research from Insight UK has revealed that widespread uptake of bring your own device (BYOD) hasn’t taken off yet, but the benefits are there for those who do.

The survey, which spoke to over 200 UK-based IT managers and directors, found that nearly four out of five of those polled hadn’t enabled a BYOD strategy.

However, of those who had enacted BYOD, 82%...

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COPE vs BYOD: Which is better for you?

With recent BYOD research finding negatives on the trend, can the COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) mobility model step in? Enterprise AppsTech spoke to MOBI Wireless Management’s Brandon Hampton to discuss the issues.

For those unfamiliar with COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled), its key difference when put alongside a BYOD policy is one of liability.

With COPE, the company is responsible for the bill; with BYOD, the employee is.

So where will COPE fit in to the overall ecosystem alongside...

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BYOD saves money and creates more agile workplace, says Citrix

Work should be ‘something people do’ not ‘a place people go’

A report from Citrix, entitled The Workplace of the Future, has detailed intriguing trends regarding the shifting sands of the future office – and BYOD is at the heart of it.

 “The workplace of the future will foster creativity, be inspiring and encourage collaboration by enabling people to work from wherever, whenever and on whatever device so that work becomes something people do, not a place people...

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Enterprises not yet worked out best way to manage mobility

Employees only allowed to use equivalent of graphing calculators, says report author

A research report from Altimeter Group has concluded that a comprehensive governance policy needs to be implemented in order for enterprises to manage mobility.

The report, entitled “Building a Solid Platform for Enterprise Mobility”, spoke to 23 vendors, as well as a series of market influencers and end users, and recommended a ‘mobile control plane’ for both getting policies together and utilising...

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Slow down on BYOD, warns Grudi Associates

Grudi Associates states that cost and employee satisfaction are downsides to BYOD, going against perceived wisdom – but do you agree?

With the consumerisation of the enterprise and the BYOD trend being top of mind, one firm has warned not to go head-first into a BYOD policy.

Telecoms provider Grudi Associates, in a piece entitled “BYOD ASAP? Not So Fast”, cites several mitigating factors as cons for BYOD,...

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CSC's CIO Barometer reveals BYOD uptake [infographic]

An in-depth piece of research from CSC, entitled ‘The CIO Barometer’, has revealed that, for many top IT brass, their personal devices are more useful to them than company-given equipment.

The survey covered more than 330 IT directors throughout North America and Europe, with half of the participants IT managers in their respective companies, alongside IT directors (29%) and CIOs (20%).

And the results found that, for many CIOs, the consumerisation of IT hasn’t been a smooth...

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New research finds fault with BYOD for SME security

A new research paper from Osterman Research sponsored by Trend Micro has shown that, for small businesses, security issues continue to be a major problem.

The blame is firmly shifted to BYOD in terms of breeding malware.

“The BYOD trend of employees using personal mobile devices and laptops for work is accelerating the problem by introducing devices with an even greater likelihood of introducing malware into a...

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iPhone 5 launch: What does it mean for the enterprise?

With the long-awaited announcement of the iPhone 5, it seems everybody has an opinion. But what does the new Apple smartphone entail for businesses?

According to Jim Hemmer, Antenna Software CEO, there shouldn’t be any difficulties in integrating the iPhone 5 for the enterprise.

“We saw Tim Cook put the iPad’s success in the enterprise at the head of his presentation, and it’s easy to see why,” Hemmer said.

Enterprise AppsTech published a piece on the iOS device VPN provider...

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#AppsWorld preview: Why enterprise app development is ‘a people project’

One of the common pitfalls in the implementation of internal enterprise apps, following an arduous design, development and implementation process, is that uptake among users just doesn’t happen because the project didn’t properly consider their needs and didn’t involve them in the design and build.

Paul Heybourne, global technology innovation manager at Aviva, set the tone for a whole internal apps strategy at the firm after identifying a business case for an app to streamline the process of...

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MDS: transparency is the key to BYOD planning

The inexorable rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken it to a level where it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ business is adopting it, but rather ‘how’ and ‘when’.

In a recent MDS survey, nearly two-thirds (64%) of big businesses with 1,000+ employees had already implemented a policy for employees wanting to use their own mobile devices for work purposes, while just under half (49%) of the SMBs polled had also put such a policy into place.

However, while this...

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The rise and rise of the social enterprise

There has been a huge amount written, and posted, around the “social enterprise” in recent weeks and months, even more so since announced it has reached 150,000 users on Chatter.

There does seem to be some confusion around the whole concept of “social enterprise” and its implications for enterprises, so here I wanted to run through the ins and outs of the social enterprise and most importantly how it may, or may not, affect both...

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