Analysing the case for texting in the enterprise [infographic]


According to a recent TigerText survey, 72% of employees use texting as a workplace messaging tool. Of that number, 71% text colleagues, while 20% opt for customers and 15% partners.

And according to the Santa Monica-based firm there are extremely sound reasons for adopting text messaging as the primary workplace communication tool, including being a quicker tool for BYOD, greater project management, and more securely enabling private conversations between executives.

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Business data breaches get more expensive each year: The state of enterprise security


The average cost of a data breach per company has almost doubled in five years, from $6.46m in 2010 to $12.69m in 2014, according to a new infographic put together by SysCloud.

More than a quarter (26.1%) of these breaches are as a result of hacking incidents, while 11.7% are down to insider theft – such as employees selling their company passwords to the highest bidder, as Enterprise...

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Let’s give IT a break – they’re the new superheroes of the enterprise

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“They appear to be mild-mannered members of the IT team. But underneath their jeans and collared shirts beat the hearts of the unsung enterprise heroes.”

So goes an infographic from CTERA which argues the IT department doesn’t get enough credit for enterprise mobility rollouts.

“Today’s IT department is quietly transforming into a strategic business enabler via the cloud,” it continues.

The infographic details five characters in the IT...

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How has the enterprise network evolved? [infographic]

The corporate network used to trundle along nicely – but with corporate device policies, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of data, enterprise networks are straining under the pressure.

Indeed, Easynet’s UK MD Adrian Thirkill wrote for Enterprise AppsTech that he felt “sorry” for the corporate network, noting that “every day it’s squeezed from all sides with video, voice, cloud, big data and mobile...

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How can shadow IT be an enabler for enterprises?

As companies increase in size, it becomes ever apparent that a one size fits all security solution is not going to work in all cases.

It’s the age-old issue of keeping secure whilst improving innovation. Sure, your 10 year old hardware is easier to lock down than a series of devices on different specs, but it’s hardly a good image for companies going forward – and it won’t impress your employees either.

What’s the solution? Well, traditionally the idea of ‘shadow IT’...

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Analysing the rise and risks of BYOD [infographic]

The acronym ‘BYOD’ has in no small part fuelled the enterprise-related media scene on its own for the past 18 months; and its disruptive potential is tangible.

Yet it shares similarities with another hugely hyped technology, cloud computing. Both have moved beyond the embryonic stage – as CloudTech has reported, many cloud computing reports of late have emphasised how the technology is maturing...

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Microsoft Surface Pro “just isn’t there” says IDC analyst - are smaller models on the way?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has had a rocky start, with the International Data Center (IDC) pegging Q1 2013 estimates at just 900,000 (compare to Apple iPad’s 19.5 million!), causing IDC analyst Tom Mainelli to slam it with: “It’s just not there yet.”

Mainelli goes on to explain how battery life is a huge issue stating it will be compared to the iPad which runs for eight to 10 hours, up to the Surface which lasts for four.

His exact quote was: “The battery life's not...

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Crunching the numbers of BYOD [infographic]

An infographic, produced jointly by Intel and Readwrite, has summarised the key statistics regarding bring your own device.

The most interesting takeaway from the graphic was a figure from Quest: nearly three out of four IT professionals (74%) think that BYOD makes their employees more productive.

Accenture, back in January, revealed that 60% of its survey respondents thought BYOD was more productive in terms of conference calls and collaboration...

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How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

Trend Micro, the antivirus cloud computing software provider, has published an infographic detailing the challenge of introducing employee-liable devices into the corporate network.

The research showed differences of opinion with regard to whether BYOD is an employee right. Nearly three quarters of CEOs (73%) believed so, yet less than half (44%) of IT executives agreed.

Similarly, nine out of 10 CEOs were the main decision makers when it came to a BYOD policy, which again is a significant increase on IT...

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All the mobile app stats you'll ever need [infographic]

How many devices are being activated per day? How many apps does the average user have? Do all the apps in the app stores really get downloaded? How long do people spend on their mobile devices? What are they doing? Who’s using smartphones the most? All those questions are answered in this handy infographic from New Relic.

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McAfee survey highlights alarming mobile security procedures

IT security provider McAfee, in partnership with One Poll, has released a report detailing how one in three smartphone users don’t password protect their devices.

According to the research, 36% of respondents don’t lock their mobile devices with either PIN or password, while nearly one in three (30%) have vital password information stored in notes apps.

“The unfortunate reality is that everyone loses things, and our devices can get stolen,” Robert Siciliano, McAfee identity theft...

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How addicted are you to mobile apps? [infographic]

How long could you go without mobile apps? Minutes, hours, days?

According to Andrea Smith, of Mashable, you most likely couldn’t go very long. Infact, Smith says most people say they’d rather give up water than their mobile apps:

“In a survey on mobile app behaviour, 82% of those who responded said there are critical apps they can’t go without — not even for one day. Those include email (57%),...

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How do you create a successful BYOD policy? [infographic]

Endpoint security provider Symantec has examined the various steps needed in order to create a bring your own device (BYOD) policy within a company.

The results have been published in an infographic and looks at companies needing to identify their business goals, analysing existing policies and understanding end user cases before ploughing ahead with BYOD strategy.

This could be an interesting step-by-step guide, as more and more enterprises are looking to further integrate mobility.

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What are the best mobile apps for SMEs? [infographic]

Research from Bizness Apps has shown how mobile is transforming smaller businesses. The research showed that restaurants, professional services and fitness clubs are the best businesses to create mobile apps.

With 81 billion apps expected to be downloaded in 2013, it’s an important area for small businesses to capitalise on. “Mobile websites are perfect for customer acquisition through local searches, and mobile apps are perfect for customer loyalty through engaging features,” notes a...

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Are you afraid of the mobile monster? [infographic]

Research from vulnerability management and penetration tester Rapid7 has attempted to further shed light on the vagaries of BYOD.

Rapid7 put the key findings in an infographic (below) to “help drive the concerns home”, according to a blog post from Patrick Hellen, Rapid7 community manager, and concluded that BYOD exacerbates a 'mobile monster' philosophy.

Among the facts gleaned by Rapid7 include:

  • Over two in three (67%) iOS devices have outdated firmware on their system
  • 51% of organisations surveyed experienced data loss from employees using unsecured...

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Are you a mobile worker superhero? [infographic]

There’s a new kind of superhero making its way around – and no, not the superheroes and wonderwomen you’ll see out trick-or-treating.

As explained by Neha Prakash of Mashable the workplace is being taken over by a new breed of “elite” workers who use mobile apps to increase business productivity:

“Unisys did a research project with Forrester Consulting, conducting surveys with more than...

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Four in five enterprises will deploy custom apps [infographic]

New research from Zenprise has revealed, among other insights, that the majority of enterprises will deploy custom mobile apps in the next 12 months.

The Zenprise report, which spoke to 501 IT professionals, showed some interesting insights into mobile initiatives – the big takeaway being that 81% of enterprises plan to deploy custom enterprise mobile apps and that three quarters plan to initiate mobile line-of-business apps in the next 12 months.

Elsewhere, another intriguing insight is the development...

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CSC's CIO Barometer reveals BYOD uptake [infographic]

An in-depth piece of research from CSC, entitled ‘The CIO Barometer’, has revealed that, for many top IT brass, their personal devices are more useful to them than company-given equipment.

The survey covered more than 330 IT directors throughout North America and Europe, with half of the participants IT managers in their respective companies, alongside IT directors (29%) and CIOs (20%).

And the results found that, for many CIOs, the consumerisation of IT hasn’t been a smooth...

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