The changing face of endpoint management and its ramifications for EMM


Autotask, a company traditionally associated with IT management software, is now moving into endpoint management to further its portfolio.

The move came after the acquisition of SaaS-based platform CentraStage in September, with the New York-based company officially moving into the remote monitoring and management (RMM) space in December with the launch of Autotask Endpoint Management for managed service providers. Patrick Burns, vice president of product management at Autotask,...

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2014 data breaches by the numbers - and their impact


A year ago, I was writing about the 575 million data records lost or stolen throughout 2013, a sum based on the data collected by the Breach Level Index that seemed astonishing at the time. The Target breach that happened at the end of that year stood out for me as the epitome of a changing infosec landscape, in which a breach not only caught the attention of industry experts, but also warranted weeks of mainstream media...

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Mobile exec argues need to be ‘proactive’ to take advantage of shadow IT


Wayne Byrne, director of product marketing at cloud solutions provider KeyedIn, claims a shadow IT strategy could “unlock numerous opportunities” when done correctly.

This news could strike fear into the heart of any CIO, worried that employees were using personal devices and insecure unapproved cloud software to share files and collaborate on documents.

Yet Byrne believes a good shadow IT policy can result in improved visibility, increased productivity and better mobile...

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Mobile fraud hits enterprises in the pocket to tune of $240m, report finds


New survey data from mobile identity provider TeleSign has found that enterprises have lost up to $240m (£157.3m) a year because of mobile e-commerce fraud.

The study, conducted by J. Gold Associates and sponsored by TeleSign and RSA, EMC’s security division, found average revenue loss due to mobile fraud was $92.3m per year (£60.54m).

Organisations surveyed had average revenue of $2.54bn, so this loss feels comparatively like a drop in the ocean. Yet the report also...

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Arbor Networks study shows rate of DDoS attack increase in past 10 years


Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are growing in size, complexity and frequency, according to the latest Annual Infrastructure Report from Arbor Networks.

In 2004, the largest DDoS attack was 8Gbps. Now, it’s reached 400Gbps, with other reported events at 300, 200 and 170Gbps in 2014, according to the report. 2013’s peak was 245Gbps. 38% of survey respondents said they had seen more than 21 attacks per month this year, up significantly from just over a quarter in...

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Business data breaches get more expensive each year: The state of enterprise security


The average cost of a data breach per company has almost doubled in five years, from $6.46m in 2010 to $12.69m in 2014, according to a new infographic put together by SysCloud.

More than a quarter (26.1%) of these breaches are as a result of hacking incidents, while 11.7% are down to insider theft – such as employees selling their company passwords to the highest bidder, as Enterprise...

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Employees admit they would sell their company password for the right price


Here’s a cheery finding from the latest SailPoint Market Pulse survey: 14% of the 1000 respondents admitted they would give their work password to a third party organisation if the price was right.

Remarkably, 1% said they’d happily pass over their details for anywhere between £100 and £250. The average, however, for UK respondents was £47,105, while in the US it was £161,534 ($243,592).

The findings also revealed a marked difference between the...

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