For a truly customer-centric model, we need to solve the ‘last mile’ of AI

I’ve yet to work with an enterprise that didn’t have customer-centricity as its top goal. Customer centricity has been the driving force behind countless digital transformation initiatives, and the reason why so many enterprises invest in building a data science team and culture designed to help them better understand their customers.

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Sprawling IT complexity could make it ‘impossible’ for IT to manage digital performance

More than three quarters of organisations say sprawling IT complexity could soon make it ‘impossible’ to manage digital performance effectively.

That is the key finding from a new report from Dynatrace, who polled 800 CIOs in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees. 76% of CIOs polled say multi-cloud makes it especially difficult and time-consuming to monitor and understand the impact cloud services have on the user experience, while a similar number (72%) say monitoring the performance...

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Highlights from 2017 Enterprise Mobility Exchange report: Digital transformation, AI, and more

The question of where IT is headed is always a difficult one to answer.

Though it often seems that adoption of new technologies in the enterprise moves at a snail’s pace, every year, new tech is introduced that has the potential to dramatically transform the future of business. At the same time, businesses are constantly figuring out new ways to leverage old technology to their advantage. All of this means that there are a myriad of factors at play when it comes to predicting the new and the next.

To track some of that progress,...

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EMM 101: A guide from the employee and enterprise perspective


How do you relate to your mobile? Many people seem to adopt a different mindset when it comes to their phones, compared with their computers.

We tend to treat our mobiles as personal possessions, and so handle them in a fairly relaxed manner. For devices that are corporately owned, this kind of behavior can, unwittingly, lead to breaches in security and may have implications in terms of licensing and costs. It’s up to the enterprise to ensure that user policies for our beloved...

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BYOD could be losing its shine – but is COPE ready to take its place?

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Remember when BYOD was the buzzword du jour for businesses? It represented a huge shift in the way many enterprises saw mobile, and represented a new era of technological freedom. And for the companies, it also took the cost out of buying new devices for their workers. It was a win-win scenario. 

But looking at the wider picture that incorporates risk and extra costs, have we now fallen out of love with BYOD in favour of other approaches? And are the...

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Assessing the dangers BYOD presents to the enterprise – and what may come next


While the term BYOD is certainly nothing new, the concept is still hugely relevant as new and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to shake up the modern enterprise.

The adoption of mobile devices is certainly not slowing down, and as the threat landscape increases in complexity with the introduction of everything from smartwatches to connected sensors, BYOD will continue to cause headaches for companies that are approaching management on a per-device basis....

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Canada privacy commissioner issues BYOD warning for businesses


Updated The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, alongside the equivalents for the states of British Columbia and Alberta, have issued a document offering guidance for companies looking to implement BYOD programs.

Citing “an increased blurring of the lines between professional and personal lives” and “employee concerns that privacy is at risk”, the 16 page missive goes through the various stages of rollout, from getting senior management onside, to privacy...

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Is COPE the answer to the shortcomings of BYOD?


Bring your own device (BYOD) was supposed to be all that a company needed. In an era where mobile devices are in high demand, businesses had to face the reality that employees were bringing their personal smartphones and tablets to work. Their solution was BYOD, an officially sanctioned policy allowing workers to use their personal devices for their jobs. More freedom meant happier, more productive workers, while companies no longer had to worry about the costs of supplying the...

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