ACE aims for an open standard in managing and securing enterprise apps


ACE, the App Configuration for Enterprise, has been launched by five enterprise mobile firms in order to simplify and scale the deployment of apps in the enterprise through various standards.

The founding members, AirWatch by VMware, Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin, aim through ACE to provide standardised app configurations and polices that will interoperate with all EMM solutions. Among the standards proposed are automating first-time setup experience, single sign-on to avoid...

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Report shows how the enterprise app development gold rush is gaining pace


43% of enterprise app developers make more than $10,000 (£6,620) per month compared with 19% of their consumer counterparts, according to a survey from VisionMobile.

The Q1 2015 State of the Developer Nation report sheds light on enterprise app development trends, two quarters after the market analyst firm predicted enterprise apps would be “the next gold rush”. There were some intriguing key trends:

  • One in five (20%) developers polled prioritise enterprise apps; while this number is still dwarfed by consumer (63%),...

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Simplification and integration: The challenges of developing enterprise mobile apps


Mobile enterprise app development is both an opportunity and a challenge for IT departments.  

By supporting employees working in the field using smartphones and tablets, IT can help companies gain a competitive edge by creating new efficiencies and superior customer service. But in order to support a mobile workforce, IT needs to make real-time information, including product, financial, and customer data, available from a wide variety of business applications. And it gets even...

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Good’s latest mobility index shows iOS go further ahead of Android in enterprise OS race


Secure mobility provider Good Technology has released its latest Mobility Index report and found iOS is eating more marketshare from Android as an enterprise operating system.

The study, which focuses on Good-activated devices, saw iOS activations rise to 73% in Q414, up from 69% the previous quarter, with Android dropping to 25% from 29% in Q314. Good puts a lot of this rise down to the release of the iPhone 6 in late Q314, again indicating the aggressive pace of the...

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What the success of Apple Pay can teach us about driving enterprise app adoption


Just a few weeks ago on their fiscal Q1 2015 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced something surprising: after launching in October 2014, Apple Pay now accounts for $2 out of every $3 spent with contactless payments. Especially given the failure of Square Wallet last year, which sought to solve basically the same problem,...

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How Capriza is exploring one avenue of the changing face of enterprise app development


Feature The enterprise apps landscape is changing at a rapid rate – and the CIO’s mindset has to change with it.

No longer can you rule with an iron fist, by handing your employees mobile devices that they will work on whether they like it or not, and deliver some out of date dictum about what apps they can and can’t use. Your employees will get around it, and it’s up to you and IT to harness this extra productivity while keeping your crown jewels safe.

The problem...

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Apperian announces solid financials and deal with US Transportation Security Agency


It’s safe to say it’s been an extremely good couple of weeks for mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian.

The company announced it had closed 2014 with record growth earlier in February, and also revealed it has received Authority to Operate (ATO) with the US Transportation Security Agency (TSA), meaning the TSA will be rolling out its internal enterprise app store pumping out Apperian-powered products.

The effect is of workers being able to utilise their mobile...

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Why screen size matters for enterprise applications


Opinion One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to enterprise applications.

With the invasion of mobile devices into the enterprise, enterprise applications are being stretched to the limit by workers trying to access apps designed for a 24 inch screen on a 5 inch smartphone. To get a sense for how enterprise applications need to evolve to meet the needs of the rapidly growing mobile workforce, consider the evolution of Web technology and early ecommerce sites.

In the late 1990s...

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Enterprise mobility developer SkyGiraffe raises $3m in series A funding

Picture credit: Itay Braun/YouTube

This publication is always keen on featuring interesting companies with something to say in enterprise mobility – and the next cab off the rank is enterprise mobile development tool SkyGiraffe, which has announced a series A funding round of $3m.

SkyGiraffe, which is headquarted in Menlo Park with development operations in Israel, closed the round of funding led by Trilogy Equity Partners, alongside existing investor 500 Startups. The company had taken strategic...

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NIST argues importance of vetting mobile enterprise apps in new report


A new report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) argues organisations need to employ a vetting process to ensure enterprise applications meet their security requirements.

The vetting process outlined in the report consists of app testing, for vulnerabilities by services, tools, as well as humans, and app approval and rejection. Before that’s in place, however, companies need to produce a document which describes the requirements that make up their app...

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The impact of BYOD from a software and applications perspective


There is no doubt about it; being a CIO is more difficult than ever.

Once upon a time the life of an enterprise CIO was relatively straightforward.  Of course we thought it was pretty damn complicated at the time, but looking back with the beauty of hindsight, knowing what we know now, we can see we had far fewer choices and far less risk to manage.

Enterprise IT done well goes unnoticed, it happens seamlessly, without interruption.  Of course, everyone thinks they can...

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Reddo Mobility snaffles $4.25m in funding, utilises HTML5 to mobilise desktop apps

Picture credit: Reddo Mobility

Meet Reddo Mobility. The Massachusetts-based firm, which launched in September, has announced $4.25m (£2.82m) in funding for its solution which ports virtualised Windows desktop apps to mobile devices through its HTML5-powered mobile experience virtualisation technology.

It’s a fascinating way to address the problem of creating lumbering, data intensive enterprise apps on mobile. The Reddo user experience connector, connected to a user’s desktop, intercepts the...

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Analysis: Apple and IBM announce first mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have launched their first set of enterprise mobile applications as part of a global strategic partnership between the companies that was announced in July 2014. It is a pivotal collaboration that could have a far-reaching effect on the future of enterprise mobility marketplace.

The collaboration, dubbed IBM MobileFirst for iOS, is a suite of applications and managed services for enterprise mobility, cloud services and big data. These are aimed at businesses needing support of the mobility life...

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New paper warns of “app delivery chasm” for enterprises

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

A survey from Mendix has found nearly three quarters of IT departments are not equipped to handle the increasing demand for enterprise applications.

The report’s findings showed the primary fault is IT’s lack of capability for rapid app delivery. 69% of IT departments are consistently delivering projects too late, according to the survey of 470 global IT and business professionals, while 89% admit they’re unable to reduce their workload year on year.

The problem...

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Want to graduate with honours in MobileIron? You can now do it on your mobile device

Mobility vendor MobileIron has announced that its educational arm, MobileIron University, is available as an app on mobile devices.

The move, on iPads only for now, is in line with MobileIron’s ‘mobile first’ vision, or more specifically, in a space the company only defines as ‘mobile IT’.

The MobileIron University contains a series of modules, from instructor led training to online virtual classrooms, to help prospective students become experts in enterprise mobility...

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Tapping the passion of fans through mobile: NFL mobile chief Manish Jha - #AppsWorld

NFL fans will know there are only days until the Super Bowl descends on New Orleans for one of the most, if not the most, widely viewed events on the global sporting calendar.

A brand comparable in size and reach to the likes of Coca-Cola, the League’s bosses are cognisant of the increasing importance of mobile as a channel to connect with fans, both on its own behalf, and on behalf of its partners.

We spoke to NFL’s MD of Mobile Manish Jha ahead of his appearance at

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Smart-TV content apps drive better user ad engagement

Contextual ads delivered through smart-TVs result in improved user engagement when compared to traditional TV advertising, according to new research into a number of leading brands’ campaigns.

In interviews with consumers, content apps were found to be the most popular method of ad content delivery, generating a great appetite for consumers to engage in additional content from the advertiser’s micro-site.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment...

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - Square and NFC

Trend #2: Square and Near Field Communications

This is the second article in an eight part series of Jay Shapiro’s “Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing” - you can find Part One, here.


If you’re going to market products and services through your mobile app, or channels that significantly involve social media and mobile platforms, it only makes sense that you...

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