There’s always one rotten app in the bunch: Google launches App Defense Alliance

Google has announced the founding of the App Defense Alliance to help defend the company’s app store from bad actors – with security partners ESET, Lookout and Zimperium all on board.

The move will see the Google Play Protect detection systems for malicious apps integrated with the scanning engines of each partner. The partnering companies were chosen specifically for their specialisms in endpoint protection and...

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Going digital with the enterprise machine: The importance of an embedded app store

It’s 2018. Surely that means everything that could be digital is digital, right?

Not quite. 

A staggering amount of companies–some App47 customers, some not–still have large suites of products that aren’t yet “digital.” That is to say, their products are on closed systems, aren’t connected to the internet, and are limited in function to whatever the company is able to dream up. 

Luckily, this is changing, and companies are realising that when going digital,...

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As enterprise app expectations rise and timeframes fall, testing drops off in importance

Almost half of organisations admit to releasing apps before the quality testing stage as user expectations continue to soar.

That’s the finding from a new study released by Testplant which polled more than 750 development team leaders in the US and UK. Yet the deluge continues; 68% of respondents say they plan to build more apps during the coming 12 months.

Part of this is down to emerging technologies; 62% say their company will increase the number of apps which deploy machine learning and deep...

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Why you don’t just need enterprise apps – but an app store with it


"The idea of an app store is to give more empowerment for business users. It delivers a clear message: IT lets you use the best tools to perform your work, help yourself and take control. So it is not just an app store, it is a cultural change for IT and business."

So said writer Sue Marquette Poremba in a piece for IT Business Edge on the power of enterprise app stores. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we couldn’t...

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Enterprise collaboration app Flock rolls out app store

(Image Credit: Flock)

With a view to aid end users by removing the stress of switching between and managing multiple apps at work, enterprise messaging app Flock has rolled out its app store. Now users will be able to integrate a number of external work apps and services and get notifications within Flock. At present, the app store facilitates integration with apps such as Trello, Github, Twitter, Jira and Bitbucket among others.

For example, users can...

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Time for a checkup: Best practices for a healthy enterprise mobility program


2016 should be a big year for investments in enterprise mobility programs. According to a recent study by Harris Poll, enterprise mobility leads all areas of IT investments by IT decision makers in 2016.

As leaders for enterprise mobility programs look ahead to 2016, there are several important components they need to explore. For instance, how efficient are the apps already deployed? If your organisation has only recently...

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Slack Platform launches App Directory to facilitate interoperability; announces fund and Botkit for developers

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/gresei)

In order to foster interoperability and ensure progress and productivity does not get lost in silos, the Slack Platform has launched The Slack App Directory, featuring over 160 apps for the benefit of a Slack team. The platform ensures easy installation and curates apps by category, popularity, and staff favourites.

The listings are classified in a number of categories such as design,...

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In enterprise mobility, “there’s an app for that” is not enough

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/W1zzard)

Watching the explosion of mobile apps has been, in a word, incredible.

In less than a decade, consumers have gone from having low-tech cell phones to early-stage smartphones to powerful machines that house dozens of mobile apps that do everything from stream music to order you a ride to work.

But as mobile apps have exploded, a problem has followed—and it’s one that often...

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Not just any enterprise app store: Cortado co-founds Mobile Business Alliance


Cortado Mobile Solutions, a subsidiary of enterprise mobility and printing provider, Cortado, has launched the Mobile Business Alliance alongside 10 app developers aiming to help businesses find the most suitable apps for their markets more easily.

The 10 partners include no-code app development platform Fliplet, Enough Software and ThinPrint Cloud Services, another subsidiary of Cortado, while the Alliance is encouraging more partners to join.

Apps in the enterprise app store –...

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Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

Picture credit: Apperian

Mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian claims that “enterprise support for Android can no longer take a backseat to iOS”, as it announces support for Android Lollipop as well as a redesign of its enterprise app store.

The Boston-based company has been making waves in the enterprise mobile space for eschewing the traditional mobile device management (MDM) approach to protecting data.

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Assessing the executive outlook on Android’s enterprise ecosystem #MWC15


Analysis It’s an exciting yet challenging time for the CIO. Employees are going to bring their own devices into work, but even though Android is the dominant consumer platform, the enterprise side is relatively lacking. If there is a paradigm shift afoot, something is still holding it back.

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than Google itself. The much-vaunted release of...

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Apple and IBM aim to release 12 more enterprise apps by March through partnership


Apple has confirmed it plans to release 12 more enterprise apps this quarter in its partnership with IBM, according to Tim Cook in an analyst earnings call.

The Apple CEO confirmed the dozen new releases in new industries, including healthcare, energy and utilities, adding that Cupertino was on track for its target of 100 enterprise apps by the end of 2015.

Cook noted some of the customers who have already migrated to the Apple and IBM MobileFirst collaboration include Miami Dade...

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Analysis: Apple and IBM announce first mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have launched their first set of enterprise mobile applications as part of a global strategic partnership between the companies that was announced in July 2014. It is a pivotal collaboration that could have a far-reaching effect on the future of enterprise mobility marketplace.

The collaboration, dubbed IBM MobileFirst for iOS, is a suite of applications and managed services for enterprise mobility, cloud services and big data. These are aimed at businesses needing support of the mobility life...

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Why it’s time for you to get an enterprise app store

“Corporate mobile app stores can go a long way to giving users the experience and choice they want, and putting IT back in control.”

That’s the conclusion of a recent article by Phil Barnett, VP of Global Accounts at Good Technology. His article, “Why the Corporate Mobile App Store is on the Rise,” gives a great look at what enterprise app stores can do well. The story is similar for

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Overcoming the 'app-ocalypse' in the enterprise

In a recent article on ZDNet, writer Charles McLellan discussed a series of surveys that help frame the state of enterprise mobility here and now in 2014. In his post, he wonders: are we currently experiencing ‘App-Ocalypse Now’?

While enterprise mobile apps greatly increase productivity — respondents to a July 2013 Mobile Helix survey expected,...

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Why you need to eliminate innovation rot and crush the app backlog

The demands for new apps, both customer and employee facing, are at an all time high. IT and app backlogs are worse than ever. Innovation rot can infest your organisation. Here’s how to clear through the disinfest of your business.

It’s been more than a decade since Nick Carr published his then provocative and hotly debated piece IT Doesn't Matter in the Harvard Business Review. The article argued that enterprises were spending too much on IT and...

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VCs move into ALM space with CollabNet and Polarion investments

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Infrastructure Solutions

VC activity in the application lifecycle management (ALM) space has picked up with announcements related to CollabNet and Polarion Software. The breaking news is from Polarion, which on March 6, 2014 revealed that Siemens Financial Services Venture Capital has made a strategic corporate investment of $10m, which will give Polarion increased depth to compete for global clients.

While the amount is relatively modest by VC standards, the real...

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Why enterprise app stores are more important than ever

Enterprise app activations are seeing a hockey stick growth over the past few quarters. According to the latest Mobility Index report published by mobile solutions provider Good Technology, Q4 2013 saw a 54% increase in enterprise app activations over the same quarter of 2012.

Comparing the numbers to the previous quarter of the same year, the activations were up 43%. Good Technology has called this a “groundbreaking...

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HP looks to HTML5 to drive BYOD with enterprise app store

Hewlett-Packard has announced the launch of the HP Access Catalog, an enterprise app store which aims to “transform the way enterprises deliver services to the mobile workforce.”

The store leverages HTML5 technology and is integrated with the SAML 2.0 language to add security as well as cross-platform flexibility.

Dragan Milanovich, VP of HP Web Services, explained to Enterprise AppsTech the grouping technology of SAML which allows certain employees on certain devices to see content.


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Opinion: Enough BYOD BS

The conversation about Bring Your Own Device has been sputtering along for a couple years now, essentially degenerating into the vanilla sentiment that you need to pay attention to what mobile devices employees bring to work, and how they use them to access sensitive data.

Got that? Pay attention! Maybe you can even make a little list of approved devices, and if someone happens to use an unapproved device, you can send them a sternly worded email. That should do it.

But something has changed in the past three...

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