Google announces augmented reality 'Project Glass'

Google has unveiled a new set of glasses, enabling wearers to check directions, video call and take photos whilst on the move.

The augmented reality specs, dubbed Project Glass, are currently being tested by Google before main release, which is yet to be confirmed.

Google wrote in a Google+ post: "We're sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input.”

The Terminator-esque glasses could include a 3G or 4G connection, motion sensors and GPS...

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How Mobile Reviews Are Made

Reviews are a mainstay of the mobile world. It seems that nearly every publication worth its weight in data is publishing them for just about every major launch.

But did you ever wonder how they go about such a process? Well, the writers over at

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Samsung launches mobile ad exchange with OpenX

Samsung Electronics has announced a partnership with OpenX Technologies, in order to help brands advertise on mobile apps.

The service, named Samsung AdHub Market, will enable advertisers to buy mobile space from developers, therefore creating easy targeted messages on Samsung devices.

Samsung believe that this will help developers increase revenue from ads and gain more control on ad displays.

Daniel Park, Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center, said: "Samsung is empowering both the...

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile: Auto Check-In

This is the fourth article in an eight part series of Jay Shapiro’s “Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing” - you can find previous articles here.


Social check-in apps have become some of the most popular mobile software over the past couple of years. The first types were combinations of GPS and social media, letting you “check in” to various venues and immediately inform friends or family of your current location. I’m sure you’re already familiar with most of the notable...

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UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic!

donc2b4t-panic21In August of last year, Apple signaled that they would be responding to privacy concerns by deprecating access to the unique device identifier (UDID) functionality in iOS. Deprecation is a way of making certain features obsolete in future versions of a platform, while providing a transitional period.

This week several...

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uTest Infographic: Which Android Devices Rock Apps

Do you play games on your SEMC Xperia Play? Are you a news junkie with an LG Optimus 2X? How do sports apps work on your Samsung Infuse 4G? Ever get frustrated with the music app on your HTC Thunderbolt?

In our newest uTest Infographic we let the Android Market app reviews do the talking to find out which devices reign supreme (and which fall flat) in the  major app categories.

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Infographic: Making it big with Android Apps

Most app makers are really interested in making a lot of money fast, and unfortunately, as the market gets more and more saturated with apps, getting rich quickly is becoming more and more difficult. Even making a reasonable profit from an app is getting more complicated. Take heart, though. There is also an upside.

Inneractive explains it very well in this infographic, which first appeared on GigaOm on March 28, 2012.

So here’s...

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Smartphone Usage Growing Amongst Teenagers

About one in four US teens report owning a smartphone according to the latest PEW report.

The report highlights how US teenagers are interacting with their devices:

  • 23% of those aged 12 – 17 state they have a smartphone and ownership is higher among older teens: 31% of those aged 14 – 17 have a smartphone, compared with 8% of youth ages 12 -13
  • 16% of teens have used a tablet to go online in the 30 days whilst smartphone owners are the most likely to be tablet...

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - Mobile Video Communication

8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing - Trend #3: Mobile Video Communication

I’m going to start off this week’s column a little differently by quoting a guest expert first. Watch the video and then read below the jump for more details...


In the last 12 months, around 12% of all online videos were actually produced using video capabilities that are becoming standard features in most mobile devices. The popular image and video hosting and sharing site

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Apple iPhone 5 to include sharper retina display screen?

Apple could be releasing a new iPhone 5 with a 4.6 inch retina display screen.

Speculations about the device were announced on Thursday from a South Korean media outlet, which reported that Apple is placing orders with suppliers for the display.

The new iPhone could include a bigger display screen with ‘retina’ display - the same used in the latest iPad device. Other rumours about the smartphone include increased RAM, improved camera and a quad-core ARM A6 processor. These have yet to be...

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Could retailers lobby Apple over App Store 'Catalog' category?

Apple’s new App Store ‘Catalogs’ category, introduced last week, allows retailers to make their online catalogues available to iPhone users through their mobiles, but will retailers be happy to play by Apple's rules?

While the majority of discussion around this move has focused on the possible link to the launch iof the iPad3, Ryan Hall, joint managing director of Nice Agency, has raised a number of issues around the practicalities of marketing and selling through the...

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Which Apps Suck More Data?

Android Eating DataData, data, data, it’s been in the news a lot lately. From carriers throttling “unlimited” plans to the ads in free apps using up more...

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Apple pays first dividend back since 1995

Apple has announced it will pay its first dividend back to shareholders and will starting buying back some its shares.

The news comes after the tech giant revealed it has nearly $100 billion in cash from the end of last year.

This is the first time since 1995 that Apple has paid back a dividend, with the company paying $2.65 per share each quarter from July this year. It plans to use $45bn of its money over the next three years.

Apple chief executive, Tim Cook, said in a statement on Monday: “We have...

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NFC to facilitate $74bn transactions by 2015

NFC will facilitate transactions valued at $75bn by 2015 according to a study by Juniper Research.

The growth is attributed in part to the increasing amount of people using NFC to pay for goods in-store and as transport tickets; the study states that the use of mobile devices as an alternative to cards and paper tickets is one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile commerce market.

Furthermore, the study also highlights that the adoption of mobile devices for commerce-related applications is not...

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Amazon Appstore hits 31,000 apps in 1 year

Amazon Appstore celebrates its 1st birthday by announcing it has hit 31,000 apps since its launch in March last year.

The marketplace for Android held just 4,000 apps at the time of launch, gaining an extra 27,000 through the year. Despite disputes with Apple over the use of the name ‘Appstore’, it’s been reported that apps from the store have been downloaded ‘millions’ of times.

Aaron Rubenson, Amazon Appstore’s Director, said: "Customers have used the Amazon Appstore...

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New iPad Display Creates Need for Testing

Newest iPadThe new iPad hits consumers’ hands on Friday, which means you testers are going to be busy, busy, busy. As Jason Parker over at CNet pointed out, it’s going to take a lot of work to get existing apps ready for the iPad’s new super high res display. And the more...

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