Apple launches iBooks 2 and iBooks Author

Apple aims to drive the use of electronic textbooks in the classroom by making it easier for publishers to create interactive titles.

The company has announced a range of new tools and services which it claims will “reinvent the textbook”.

Leading names in educational resources are involved, including the world’s biggest, UK-based Pearson Publishing.

Apple will compete with existing offerings from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook device.

Roger Rosner, Apple’s...

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RIM's chiefs step down after Blackberry struggles

Research in Motion Ltd has announced that it has shaken up its management team, with co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie throwing in the towel after facing a snowball of struggles and problems for the Blackberry maker.

Current Chief Operating Officer, Thorsten Heins, has been named as the new CEO. Lazaridis and Balsillie will remain on the board, with Lazaridis becoming Vice Chair.

The ex-CEOs have been blamed for a disastrous 2011, including a forced name change of its new software,...

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Five Million ‘Second Tablets’ to be Bought this Year

Five million people who already own a tablet device will buy a second one in 2012 according to predictions made by Deloitte.

As part of it’s annual predictions for the technology industry, Deloitte forecast that increasing amounts of consumers are going to buy an additional tablet device this year; fueling the notion that 2012 will be ‘The Year of the Tablet’.

Jolyon Barker, Global Lead for Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications department, stated:

“The tablet explosion...

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Retailers to target tablets, as shoppers choose websites rather than apps

Only 4% of consumers prefer to use mobile apps to shop through their devices, compared to 87% who prefer to browse with PCs and laptops.

Research found that consumers also have certain preferences when it comes to devices and shopping. Using a tablet is the preferred choice for 53% of shoppers when buying electronics, followed by toys at 39%.

Connected consumers expect to use tablets weekly for shopping, with half of tablet owners...

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Mobile advertising activity over Christmas 2011

The decorations may be packed away and the New Year’s resolutions underway, but before we put Christmas to bed for another year, we’ve drilled down into the data across our 10,000 publisher networks and taken a look at the impact of mobile advertising over the festive season.

Our data reveals a shift in consumer engagement in both mobile browsing and app usage as consumers made the most of their increased leisure time to engage with recreational apps and spent more time browsing...

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Netflix arrives in the UK

When we’re not wearing down the skin on or thumbs in a frenzied gaming session, there’s nothing we find more enjoyable and relaxing than kicking back with a decent movie or the latest television series.

However, we find nothing relaxing in having to brave the cold weather to make a journey to the local video library. Then there’s the added headache of having to scout through a mile long shelving unit packed with DVDs and Blu-rays of predominantly very little interest. A couple of days later,...

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Apple left with egg on face after botched Beijing iPhone launch

Outraged Chinese shoppers pelted Apple’s flagship Beijing store in Sanlitun with eggs after they were told that the store would not be opening and they would be unable to purchase the new iPhone 4S that they had all been queuing for hours in sub-zero temperatures for.

Apple has suspended retail sales of the device in Beijing and Shanghai following the ensuing melee, up to 50 police were brought in to manage the disgruntled, unruly crowd.

Trouble broke out and eggs began to fly in the early hours of this...

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We Want Mobile & We Want It Now

Mobile FirstWe know the world (or at least the U.S.) is getting more and more mobile-centric. Online shopping stats for mobile devices exploded in 2011 (see

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Google to launch iPad and Kindle Fire rival tablet in spring?

Last month, the chairman of the search engine giant, Eric Schmidt, revealed the company would be launching an own-brand Android tablet in the next six months.

Mr Schmidt said it would be “of the highest quality” with industry watchers confident it would challenge Apple’s iPad while using its Nexus smartphone strategy that rivalled the iPhone.

But according to Digitimes, the new gadget would include a seven-inch panel – the same size as Amazon’s Kindle Fire – and would cost less than $200 to compete with the online...

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1 in 6 UK Adults Will Buy a Tablet This Year

One in six UK adults will buy a tablet in 2012 according to a recent poll by Sky.

The results also found that more than half of all UK adults now owns a smartphone, whilst one in 12 of those who took part in the poll had already received a tablet for Christmas.

David Gibbs, Director of Mobile at Sky, commented:

“Consumers are embracing smart mobile technology and using those devices to stay informed, in touch and entertained”

TV and Mobile Going Hand in Hand

2 million people in the UK now watch TV...

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Who is the average Android user of 2011?

With the recent news of Google Android gaining record numbers in activations and app downloads during Christmas, it looks like the platform is going from strength to strength.

Around 6.8 million Android and iPhone devices were activated on Christmas Day, which shows a 353% growth compared to earlier on in the month. The question is: who are these people that made the...

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1.2 billion Android and iOS apps downloaded during Christmas

Apple iOS and Google Android saw a massive increase in app downloads during the last week of 2011, with around 1.2 billion apps, combined, downloaded across the festive period.

Mobile analytics firm, Flurry, found a 60% growth for app downloads compared to the first two weeks in December.

This reflects record activation figures for devices, which saw 6.8 million iOS and Android devices activated on Christmas Day, with 20 million estimated throughout the holiday...

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