Gowalla shuts down after Facebook acquisition

Location sharing app Gowalla has shut down, just three months after being acquired by social media network Facebook.

Users were greeted with a message on the website’s landing page during the weekend, announcing the closure.

"Thank you for going out with Gowalla. It was a pleasure to journey with you around the world. Download your check-ins, photos and lists here soon."

Launched in 2009, the Texas-based startup had around 600,000 users 12 months ago. The mobile app enabled users to share...

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Windows Mobile Marketplace to be discontinued in May

Microsoft has announced it plans to shut down its Windows Mobile app store, in order to concentrate on its Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Mobile phone users won’t be able to use the Marketplace to search or download apps to their devices from 9th May. The closure won’t affect users of the new Windows Phone OS.

Apps already downloaded from the Marketplace will continue to work, but they won’t be available to download again if apps are deleted from the device. Publishers may wish to offer...

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The Best of the Best iOS Apps

Apple Announces the Top 100 Apps of All TimeIn honor of the 25,000,000,000th (billionth) app download, Apple released a list of the top 100 all-time most downloaded apps.

They divided the list into four categories – listing the top 25 most downloaded free and paid apps for iPhone and...

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Apple launches new iPad with HD & 4G

Apple revealed the eagerly-awaited new iPad last night, which features a sharper HD screen, 4G and a faster processor.

Named the ‘new iPad’, the tablet includes a ‘Retina’ display screen with 3.1 million pixels, four times the amount of the iPad 2. This makes the resolution higher than that of an HDTV.

The tablet will be ‘super-powered’ by a quad-core A5x chip, making use much quicker than competing devices.

The camera has been improved to a 5-megapixel rear camera, which...

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’63% of mobile phone users would rather give up chocolate vs .their mobile phone’ – Intel

63 percent of mobile phone users would rather give up chocolate versus their device – according to an infographic from Intel.

Mobile Statistics

Other interesting statistics:

  • 50 percent of teens can text blindfolded
  • 80 percent of people keep their phone by their bed
  • 40 percent of people have their phones on 24/7
  • 55 percent pf people would rather give up caffeine over their phone

View the full infographic below:

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8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - HTML5

Some people might say that it’s slightly odd to kick off a brand new column with a personal confession. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to have this new column on AppsTech, and if you’ll stick with it I think you’ll find that I’ll always write thoughtful, zero-BS columns for you.

But first the confession: I’m one of those hopeless geeks that doesn’t really sleep. Don’t know why, but for years I’ve spent many, many late nights working &...

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Google Play replaces Android Market

Google has rebranded its Android Market app store as ‘Google Play’, an entertainment hub where users can get access to music, films, books and apps.

The cloud-based platform allows Android users to search and share content that is stored online, enabling access wherever you are and on any Android device.

Up to 20,000 tracks can be stored in Google Play and more than 450,000 Android apps and games are currently available to download. However, apps have been given a step back from the limelight,...

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iPad 3? iPad HD? What's next from Apple?

With the announcement due in just 24 hours, speculation has been growing about what the new iPad will feature. Various leaks have been circulating the Internet and rumours have been spreading like wildfire, including name changes, components and size. Here’s a roundup of the top rumours that we will be looking out for...

The name is under major speculation at the moment, with many presuming it will be called the iPad 3 or even the iPad 2S, to continue the naming trend Apple started with its iPhone...

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When Will The App Bubble Burst?











The Facts

Tech research giant, Gartner, estimates 17.7 billion apps were downloaded in 2011 and that's conservative compared to mobile analytics firm, Flurry, who have it at 25 billion and are projecting 50...

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Overview: Mobile World Congress 2012

This year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012 brought together last week in Barcelona an industry that has been working during the past year to guess and meet the mobile needs of consumers and businesses.  Over 65,000 attendees and 3,000 journalists were asked ‘How do you redefine mobile?’  This theme was much more than about new handsets or associated technology.  It was about how...

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Get your smartphone kitted out for social media

Get your smartphone kitted out for social media - 5 excellent Apps

It seems like the whole world has gone social media crazy of late, with everyone eager to tap into the potential of this amazing digital world. So, if you’ve got any kind of interest in getting a piece of the action yourself then it’s high time you got yourself sorted out with the right apps for the job.

Of course, there are thousands of different apps out there in the digital marketplace, and while some are very good, there are...

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#MWC12 Round Up - Day 2

We're now half way through Mobile World Congress and the annoucements are coming in thick and fast. With keynote speeches from Google and top operators Telefonica and Bharti Airtel, alongside some big product releases from Samsung, we knew we were in for some big news within the mobile world. Here's Apps Tech's Tuesday round up...


New Google Chrome browser for ICS

Google has unveiled a new Chrome browser for mobile yesterday, which enables Android users to browse across their phone and...

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Shazam unveils new Android Beam service #MWC12

During Mobile World Congress, music discovery company Shazam has unveiled an integration with Android Beam technology and what could be ‘the world´s fastest content tagging’ experience.

The integration with Android Beam, the NFC-based technology, means that users can share music, offers and television tags to one another by simply holding their devices back-to-back. If one of the users doesn’t have the Shazam app installed on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to the...

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#MWC12 Round Up So Far

With Mobile World Congress kicking off to a great start, announcements of new products, services and partnerships have been spreading around the Fira Montjüic complex like wild fire. Here´s a quick round up of the big news that has hit Barcelona so far...

Facebook to aid mobile web standards

Facebook has announced it is working on some mobile web initiatives, including

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