Social media and apps to generate half of online sales

Analysts have predicted that social media and mobile apps will account for 50% of online sales for businesses by 2015.

IT research firm Gartner said that vendors will offer applications based on their e-commerce market, which can be accessed via a browser or mobile phone. As mobiles are set to overtake PCs, mobile internet will soon become the dominant interaction channel.

During Gartner’s IT Symposium, analysts revealed that around...

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Blackberry's free app-ology to users

Blackberry is offering free apps to their users after its internet service failed last week.

RIM has announced that their users will have access to apps worth more than $100 (around £55) in total for free, along with corporate customers getting a month of technical support.

The free software will be available on Blackberry’s App World in the next few weeks, with apps including Bejeweled, iSpeech Translator Pro and Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant. The offer will run until the end of the year.


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iPhone 4S release gets thousands waiting

Queues full of customers waiting in line for hours could be seen outside Apple stores this morning as the new iPhone 4S was released around the world.

It became available to buy from 8am today in countries including the UK, US, Australia, Japan and Germany.

Some customers camped outside stores for days to get their hands on the last product Steve Jobs developed. Preorders for the new iPhone exceeded 1 million.

Kate Williams from Bristol queued up at the city’s flagship store. She said: “It was...

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Google Android has 190 million activated devices

Google Android has hit 190 million activated devices since release.

A new version of Android’s OS system may be out by the end of the year. Code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s optimized to join smartphones and tablets together.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, said: “I’m super excited about the soon to be released new version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s right, Ice Cream Sandwich. You don’t believe what we’ve managed to get done in this...

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Was iOS 5 worth the wait?

Apple’s much anticipated iOS 5 was launched yesterday. The new operating system offers a range of new features and enhancements for Apple devices.

  • The new notification system is the biggest new feature. Messages are displayed at the top of your screen, meaning you can continue on the app you’re currently working on, without having to worry about the notification. You can also customize this feature to suit your needs.
  • Apple’s take on Blackberry Messenger is also available, where you can send group or individual message to people...

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Android vs Apple: The race for app downloads gets tougher

Android downloads are continuing their encroachment on the dominance of iOS, and could soon overtake their arch rival, according to new figures.

A report by download tracker Xyologic found that Apple was currently still a fair way ahead, with 1.45 billion downloads, compared to Android’s 640 million last month.

However, this could all change within the next year, as both platforms will hold around 3.2bn downloads by June 2012.

Matthaus Krzykowski, cofounder of Xyologic, said: “In the coming...

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Facebook pushes to become entertainment platform with new social apps

Facebook has announced its partnership with 33 European partners to launch a range of new social media apps.

Consumers will soon be able to access music, movies and news on their mobiles via Facebook after Spotify, The Guardian, The Independent and Vevo signed up to create their own apps. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to create their own action as part of their app based on the 'Like" social pluggin and be able to customise ways of sharing their content such as "watch" or "read" and which will be...

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Property hunting TV app set to launch

Property listings website, Rightmove has announced it is to launch a new ap for Samsung’s web-enabled Smart TV range.

It is the latest brand to sign up to create aps for Samsung and is in good company with the likes of YouTube, LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer and Teletext Holidays who have already launched their own aps.

The house-finder app will be available towards the end of the year and enables users to hunt for homes using the website’s listings via Samsung's Smart TV.

Commenting on the new ap,...

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iPhone 5 what you can expect

by Mark Taoilinn

Last July thousands of people waited in line overnight (and some over several nights) to be one of the first people in the world to get their hands on an iPhone 4. Almost a year later, at WWDC in June, the Mac OS X Lion announcement, while exciting, failed to cause the same level of frenzy. Getting the new iOS 5 was nice, but the question of everyone’s lips at the time, and since, was “When will the new iPhone 5 arrive, and what new goodies will it bring us?”.

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Google Buys Motorola - what does it mean for developers

I’m sure you heard by now that Google has announced its intention to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5BN in cash. What was the motivation behind such a large acquisition, and what does it mean for developers?

In their official press release, Google said “The acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a dedicated Android partner, will enable Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in...

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Google buys Motorola: Android licensees shout "EEK!"

In its largest ever acquisition, Google has announced that it will buy Motarola Mobility, the tech giant’s phone division, for a massive $12.5bn, launching the global search leader into the mobile handset market at mach 5 and surely shaking up the Android ecosystem almost beyond belief.

The deal is yet to win competition approval, which may not be entirely plain sailing, and brings Google into direct competition with the raft of handset manufacturers that licence the Android OS, providing the company...

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Android OS making great market strides

The Android operating system has taken the lion's share of the mobile phone market over the past 12 months, according to the latest research from Gartner. Google's operating system, which runs on devices from manufacturers including Motorola, HTC and Samsung, is now the most widely installed in the world, appearing on 43.4 percent of all new smartphones sold in the first two quarters of 2011.

Of the 107.7 million smartphones shipped to the UK over the period, 46.8 million were Android devices - a complete...

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Facebook launches instant messaging mobile App

Facebook has launched a instant messaging mobile app for smart phones to allow users to message on the go in what they claim is a "simpler and faster" way to communicate. The app, called Facebook Messenger launched yesterday in the US. It integrates Facebook service Messages and aggregates a user’s chat, email and texts into a single, continuous thread. This enables users to send messages to friends or contacts in their phonebook in either a text or notification form while photos and locations can also be added to messages. Unlike Blackberry...

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5 Reasons why you need to be ready for Mobile Payments

The world of payments as we know it is changing and with it the way people shop and take or make payments. NFC, contactless payments, in-app payments or payment apps are the words on everyone’s lips.

Technology advances including broadband internet and mobile have reached critical mass, the continuous growth of smartphone penetration worldwide (up by 73% in Q2 2011 according to

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Clarify Making Communications Clearer. Built with LiveCode

LiveCode revolutionized development with its easy to use English-like language and rapid, compile-free workflow. Now one of RunRev’s long-standing customers is bringing that same fast, easy and effective approach to how you communicate online. 

blog - clarify

Since 2003 Blue Mango Learning Systems have used LiveCode to build great visual communication tools, which in turn help their...

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Orange and iPhone to offer free film app

Orange customers will soon be able to download a free film each week via a new iPhone app, thanks to a partnership between the mobile giant and Apple.

Orange: Film to Go is set to launch on 11 August and will be supported by a multi-platform advertising campaign which illustrates films being watched 'on the move' via various devices including laptops and mobiles.

In order to access the free service, customers will simply need to text the network provider, visit a dedicated Facebook page,, or use a mobile app where they are to be...

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Channel 5 set to launch Big Brother app

Channel 5 has announced it is to launch a Big Brother app so fans can access their favourite housemate info, games and live coverage via their iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The reality show, which was bought by Five last year after ten years of success on Channel 4, kicks off with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Thursday 18 August with the apps’ launch set to coincide with the first broadcast, pending approval from Apple.

In addition to pre-roll ads which will be sold by the Channel 5 sales...

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The Simplicity Paradox

By Mark Taoilinn

While speaking with a graphic designer friend of mine recently I was reminded how much work goes into making something look simple yet striking. 


Take the Apple iCloud logo for example. 

blog - icloud

The Apple iCloud Logo

Looking at it you would be forgiven for thinking “I could do that, I’ve been drawing clouds since kindergarden”.

When you examine the image in...

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Greater reach and a fairer deal for apps developers

Alvin Koay’s Singapore-based startup aims to deliver a fairer deal to app developers, providing a pan-platform wholesale app market that allows them to bank more cash from each app that’s sold.

Hailed by some commentators as a ‘Robin Hood’ of the apps industry, compares favourably to the main app stores in cash terms,...

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