iPhone 4 owners can legally get Siri, know-how required

If you own an iPhone 4 and really want Siri on it, a new update has paved the way for you to get your wish.

Apple yesterday launched a new version of its iOS 5.0.1 update that, according to well-known iPhone hacker MuscleNerd, leaves the platform’s RAM disks unencrypted. Because of that, those with a little technical know-how can write a script to extract from the software update all the files needed to bring the virtual personal assistant to the iPhone 4.

Apple’s update can be automatically...

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Most Popular Android Apps by User Age: Nielsen

Nielsen’s latest report looks at the most popular Android Apps by age in the US.

The report, ‘App-Happy with Android’, states that Facebook and apps from Google (such as GMail) and the Android Market are the most popular smartphone apps among Android owners aged 18 and over in the US (based on users who have used the apps over the last thirty days).

Android Owners are Social

Facebook’s app for Android has an 80 percent reach amongst Android owners aged 18 – 24 and 25 – 34;...

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Microsoft releases OneNote as first Office iPad App

Microsoft’s versatile note-taking app OneNote is the first Office software to make its debut on the iPad.

Already out there as an iPhone app, the latest 1.3 update to OneNote turns it into a full-fledged iPad app able to take advantage of the tablet’s full-screen real estate.

Though it’s part of certain versions of Microsoft Office, OneNote is probably the least understood application in the midst of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access.

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Apple Mac App Store reaches 100 million downloads

Apple’s Mac App Store has hit over 100 million downloads in less than one year.

The online software store offers thousands of free and paid apps, to download and install into your Apple device, since its launch in January this year.

The store follows the success of Apple’s App Store for the iOS, which holds more than 500,000 apps and where users have downloaded 18 billion apps in total so far.


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Launching a Game App? Don’t Ignore Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, Microsoft launched the long-awaited Xbox UI upgrade – aka the “metro” interface – along with the Xbox Companion app. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here.

Anyway, it seems that the folks over at Windows Phone know a thing or two about their user base. Mainly, that they are more likely to download games than any other type of smartphone owner. Here’s one of a great series of infographics from...

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Humor: 10 Apps Every Mother Needs

Let’s hear it for mothers! Mothers work hard all day (and often all night), and they don’t get paid for it. Often they have jobs outside the house, too. Most mothers I know are perpetually tired, but never too tired to get up and snuggle a sick child or change a wet diaper.

To show our appreciation for mothers, we’ve come up with a list of apps that should be given automatically to every mother.

10. Nag-o-matic – This app continues telling your child to put on their shoes every ten...

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Android Market reaches 10 billion app downloads

Google’s Android Market has exceeded 10 billion app downloads.

According to the Official Google Blog, it estimated that the growth rate is now at around 1 billion app downloads per month.

According to figures, the download rate is expected to accelerate. It took nearly 2 years for Android to reach 1 billion downloads after its launch, but since July this year the number increased by 5 billion in...

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Microsoft's release of new app store tipped for next year

Microsoft is launching its own built-in software app store, with details to be revealed during an event in San Francisco today.

Known as the Windows Store, the marketplace will offer developers the opportunity to sell apps and create a landing page for their apps, enabling them to be found in the store.

It’s expected to launch next year after the new Windows 8 operating system goes on...

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Xbox live update shakes up home entertainment

Microsoft has partnered with 40 different content providers to deliver movies, TV, music and sport through apps on its Xbox consoles; aiming to shake up the home entertainment market with the latest iteration of its Xbox Live service.

The company is partnering with content providers including Amazon’s Love Film, ESPN, BBC, Netflix, BskyB and a host of others, providing content, many via apps installed on the Xbox console.

Microsoft is also launching the first mobile app ever to tie in directly to a...

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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox to be second popular web browser

Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox in the stakes to become the top Internet browser in the world, but both are still behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Google’s browser has 25.69% of the worldwide market, which increased by nearly 5% since 2009. Firefox has reached 25.23%, whilst Internet Explorer still has the lead with just over 40% of the...

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How to help build the TV apps market

TV apps are predicted to make a big impact on the apps industry, although it’s expected to take some time to develop apps alongside building consumer take up. Industry experts at Apps World Europe shared some key tips to look out for and work on to help the growth of TV apps:

  • Market communication: Build awareness of your app by talking to your target audience, brands and consumers. This will help build activation numbers (the amount of consumers that connect TVs to the internet) and make more people aware of the...

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How to make apps better marketing tools

Key advice for brands using apps as marketing tools from the Apps World Europe show this week.

  • Analytics: You wouldn’t build a website without analytics, so why do it with an app? There are tools out there that you can build into an app from the start that will tell you who’s using it, when, and how. Going to a developer without any idea of who your audience might be or how they’d like to interact with you via an app puts you on the back foot immediately.
  • Objective: Too many brands and businesses go to developers with very little idea of what they want to achieve. What is your objective in creating a branded app? If you’re just...

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