Microsoft announces WP7 App Hub updates

Microsoft has announced the rollout of the anticipated update for WP7 Apps Hub, providing developers with a number of new features and private distribution options.

The Hub has been updated with new markets, distribution options and enhanced apps and account management capabilities. "Today we are officially announcing the rollout of the new App Hub developer portal with key new functionality, multiple enhancements and support for several new markets," said the firm on its developer blog.


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London’s calling Apps World – event doubles in size

With Apps World Europe fast approaching the team are delighted to be returning to London for the 2nd Apps World Europe, the centrepiece of the international series. Ian Johnson, MD of Six Degrees commented “I’m delighted to see the show take up, and so many companies signing up to this year’s Europe show – we think the show will double in size to over 5000 people this year, making this year’s event compulsory for anyone involved with the App industry.”

With currently over...

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Google Chairman ‘Not Too Worried’ About Apple Lawsuits Over Android

ZDNet Asia reports on comments from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt regarding the recent flurry of lawsuits between Apple and Android-based smartphone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. Schmidt’s comments, which came at Google’s Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo, reveal that he is “not too worried” about the lawsuits as he takes a shot at Apple (and others such as Oracle and Microsoft) for suing when it...

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Rypple weaves gamification into performance reviews

Rypple, the startup trying to improve enterprise performance review process, has been adding gamification loops to its application.

This was highlighted by Daniel Debow, Rypple’s co-CEO,  in an interview with GigaOm and a recent slide deck on the opportunities and pitfalls of enterprise gamification. Some of their excitement around gamification is shared with their customers, including famously...

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RIM apologises to developers after downtime

RIM has apologised to developers following problems with the company’s code signing-in servers that made development next to impossible for several days last week.

The company has now apologised for the downtime and assured developers that the problem has now been resolved.

Blogging on Friday last week, RIM developer relations chief Tyler Lessard said that the problem had been caused by abnormal diagnostic activity disrupting the signing process. The issue has been resolved, he said, and service levels...

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Android now seeing 550,000 activations every day

You read that right. Today, during Google’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Larry Page announced that some 550,000 devices are being activated every day.

That’s about 382 devices being activated every minute, or 3.85 million every week.

That’s a lot of devices.

Put it into perspective: On June 28, Android’s Andy Rubin tweeted that a half-million devices were being activated daily....

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Apple increases baseline App Store prices

Various international prices increase, others drop following platform maintenance

The prices for App Store apps have increased in several countries and gone down in others following a brief period of iTunes Connect down time yesterday.

Prices have gone up in the UK, Mexico and Norway, and down in Japan, Switzerland and Australia according to MacRumours. Apple has said that the changes have been implemented to balance...

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Freemium takes charge on the app store

Flurry the mobile app analytics firm published an interesting report recently which shows that the freemium model now accounts for a large part of the total revenues from the App Store. Specifically it highlighted that free-to-play games now account for 65 per cent of the total revenues from the App Store’s Top 100 titles. Earlier this year that figure stood at just 39 per cent.

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Finally, a way to distribute B2B apps

Apple today announced it’s new volume purchasing program for business. This new program provides app developers like us who develop applications for businesses to use internally with a new way to distribute applications to those types of scenarios.

The applications still have to be submitted via the app store however it’s now possible to specify the exact customer by providing their email address. The customer still has to download the app via iTunes.

Another interesting note about this...

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Why Asia is set to become an App Hotspot

This week saw the announcement from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) that a huge S$15 million (USD $12.22 million) is to be set aside for encouraging businesses to develop mobile apps for the service sector. If that wasn’t a large enough incentive for businesses to get mobile, Singapore is now one of the most mobile-connected countries in the world, currently there are...

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AdWhirl Integration

We’ve released some updated features to our Android and iOS SDKs, including custom AdWhirl integration (

For all you developers out there who are already using AdWhirl – a free, open source tool that enables publishers to pull ads from multiple ad networks – if you haven’t tried Adfonic yet, you’re missing a revenue opportunity! So be sure to add us to the mix soon.

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Location, Location, Location

It’s amazing how many companies won’t do business with you because you’re not in the same city, town or region. Despite the advancements in technology and travel it’s still peoples preference to have a supplier close to them.

But does having a supplier in the same town actually mean you get to see them, in person more often? I’d really like to see the stats on this as I bet this isn’t the case.

Our account managers travel the length and breadth of the country offering...

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AoM Selected by Mobile Industry Review as First in Mobile Titans Series

AoM CEO, Peter Swain was selected by the Mobile Industry Review as the first in its series of Mobile Titans, and goes on to discuss the joint venture between AlwaysOnMessage and Telefonica/BlueVia.

Read the interview below:

Not for nothing does the company’s roster of clients boast luminary names such as Channel 4, BBC, Endemol, IPC, Universal and Glenfiddich. Remember the Jamie Oliver 30-minute-meals Egg Timer app that brought together television programming and practical usage? (you may have seen it on a...

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Apple App Store reaches 15 Billion Downloads

Apple has revealed in a statement issued today that its App Store for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone has topped 15 billion downloads.

The App Store currently hosts 425,000 apps for various iOS devices, as well as over 100,000 native to its iPad tablet.

Apple doesn’t offer any additional details, such as a breakdown by category or what percentage of those downloaded apps were free vs. paid.

Based on the iTunes charts chronicling the top paid and free app downloads, it’s clear the...

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US Mobile Gaming Consumption

Gaming continues to be the most popular App category amongst US consumers according to research conducted by Nielsen.

The consumer research company found that 93 percent of US App downloaders (those who have downloaded an App within the last 30 days) are willing to pay for the games they play. Interestingly this figure stands at 76 percent for those willing to pay for news Apps.


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WP7 Marketplace passes 25,000 apps

The number of apps available on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now exceeds 25,000, according to WindowsPhoneAppList.

While this number is currently no challenge currently to the market leaders, it is impressive given that WP7 devices are still mostly in their infancy.

A new line of swanky Nokia Windows phones may still be over the horizon, but the fact that the platform appears to be gaining ground, however slowly, on the likes of Android and iOS may raise a few eyebrows.

Microsoft has been actively...

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Last Week in Mobile…

Amazon to sell 4 million tablets in 2011

Its a fairly bullish position that Amazon have taken and it seems more than likely a bankable one … the shift to tablet computing that we’re seeing daily should in itself be enough to propel sales, but when combined with their de facto status as online leaders of e-commerce you have a powerful proposition.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of their App Store strategy which will see users being able to run apps in an online simulator before...

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38% of Mobile Consumers in US Own Smartphones – Nielsen

The US smartphone market is continuing to grow, states the latest survey from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen’s May survey, 38 percent of the mobile consumers in the US now own smartphones. 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months stated they had brought a smartphone instead of a feature phone; up from 34 percent a year ago.

Of the US smartphone market, 38...

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